General Questions

When and where does the oikos Summer School take place?

The oikos Summer School takes place from 29 August 2015 to 6  September 2015 in Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia.

What topics will be covered during the Summer School?

Topic of the Summer School is:  Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

(more information will be published later)

How can I participate in this project?

You should fill in the online application form, application deadline is 20.0.2015, and Early bird application deadline is 30.06.2015.

For Business Idea Competition (only for Georgian students) – 3 participants will be selected by business ideas related to social entrepreneurship in Svaneti. Deadline for business ideas: 20.07.2015

When can I arrive and until what date will accommodation be provided to me?

You can arrive on 29th morning. We all gather at Tbilisi State University, I Building and we will all travel to Mestia, Svaneti together. Please consider that the distance from Tbilisi to Mestia is 490 km. 7-8 hours Travel. We will provide with transportationl.

Accommodation in Mestia will be provided from 29th of August to 6th of September.

What if I am not selected in the final 30, can I still apply for it and what will be the terms in this case?

In case you are in waiting list and if any major participant isn’t able to participate, you will replace that participant in “final 30”.

We should admit that if you are in a waiting list and not selected as a participant you can participate in the project in any case. And the fee for such participants is – € 250.

Payment Questions

What is the fee for participation?

The participation fee is: 130 EUR

For early bird applications participation fee: 100 EUR

When is the deadline for making the payment?

After admission you can pay it till 5th of August. If you want to pay it by cash here you have to send us copy of your round trip ticket.

Most important : as soon as you do the payment send us an email or a Facebook message, so we know we have to wait for your bank transfer to arrive.

People who will not do the payment and/or send us a confirmation will loose their place and be put in the waiting list again.

Can I pay via credit card?

Still no. Please pay directly to the Summer School account. (CLICK HERE)

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes, you can make the payment via bank transfer as well. Following are our account details. (click here)

What does the participation fee of the Summer School cover?

The participation fee covers accommodation, food and local transport, transportation Tbilisi – Mestia- Tbilisi. Participants need to cover their travel costs to Georgia.

Logistical Questions

Where will I be staying during the Summer School?

We will be staying in Mestia. Hotel “Svaneti” is located in very city center.

Will there be an internet access in Svaneti, Mestia? (in a hotel, conference hall, other places)?

Yes, you will have access to WiFi networks there. (But please consider that it will be a bit limited).

How do I get to Tbilisi?

You can reach Tbilisi by plane or by car.

You can find some cheap flights here: http://www.momondo.com/

How do I get to the venue for the Summer School?

The first day you will have to arrive at the Tbilisi State University by your own. The university is located in the city-center and can easily be reached by using public transports.

As specified in the link, if you come from the airport you will have to take the Bus or Taxi.

Otherwise you can ask for a taxi right outside the airport. A taxi will cost approx. 11 EUR