The Summer School programme will follow the U Process, a radical approach to learning in new ways. It will also incorporate Whole Person Learning an innovative approach developed by the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). GRLI is an international alliance, linked to the UN, which is changing management education from within.


This will be an immersive experience facilitated by a team of experienced practitioners. It is based on building teamwork and collaboration, developing personal leadership skills and reflecting deeply on how change happens. The approach differs greatly from the usual conference format. It is not based on expert guest speakers but on learning together to design and deliver new forms of education.

The programme for Summer School will follow the flow set out below. It is important that participants commit to being present throughout. Otherwise you will not get the full benefit of the process – and working in groups will be difficult.

Day 1.
Contact & Contract
Creating a Great Learning Environment
You will learn new things about how people learn and develop:
How do we learnt at our best?
What kind of university learning experience do we want?
What would our Dream University look like?
Day 2.
Leadership as a Whole Person Activity
This day explores latest thinking about leadership. You will explore leadership from a range of different perspectives, seeing things in different ways:
What kinds of leadership do we need to tackle the world’s challenges?
What kind of leader am I?
How can I bring more of my skills and passions to the task?
Day 3.
Moving Outside Our Comfort Zone
Working in groups to design learning sessions that build leadership skills for the future. This is a practical day. You and your group will apply your learning so far by designing a session to explore a topic you are passionate about.
Day 4.
Transforming Management Education
Moving from theory to practice. Each group delivers its learning session in an interactive way, involving all participants. Be prepared to learn new things in innovative ways!
Day 5.
Change & Closure
Walking the Talk
This is where we plan next steps:
What do you want to change?
How can you use what you have learnt?
How can you influence your own learning institution?