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oikos Summer School 2014

Framework and Content

The International Summer School on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Emerging Markets is a  10 days lasting  event for international and Georgian students. During various lectures, workshops, field trips, participants will acquire knowledge of this topic, which they will then apply within their team projects and case studies.


Goals of the Summer School

  • Raise youth awareness on social entrepreneurship in Georgia
  • Share experience about social entrepreneurship based on sustainable and innovative ideas
  • Analyse business  and legal environment for social entrepreneurship in Georgia
  • Identify barriers of social entrepreneurship development in Georgia and work out recommendations
  • Collect and publish the collection of cases of Social Entrepreneurship from all over the world

To reach the above-mentioned goals the program offers a broad variety of activities. During interactive lectures lead by international and local experts, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss and compare the newly acquired knowledge to the situation in their home countries.

Moreover, participants will continuously work on their case studies and meet and consult Georgian social entrepreneurs.


By attending this summer school the will participants develop a broader understanding of social entrepreneurship and its specifics in emerging markets. They will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the role of social entrepreneurship for sustainable development.