oikos VelloreAboutMission


The future is always interpreted by the past. Since we can’t predict what may come, we must prepare for anything that comes our way. Sustainable Development is to progressively develop economically, socially and politically without compromising or jeopardizing the future. oikos-Vellore is the first Asian oikos Chapter to have been established in an Engineering University. We believe in the Pyramid of Sustainability where Ecology, Economics, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Societal impact form the five vertices. Through our events, projects and campaigns we strive to empower our fellow students and to alleviate the issues affecting the people around us.

Generating knowledge

The generating knowledge stream is all about educating students on economic, social, and environmental sustainability issues.

Creating action learning experiences

Students are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge practically and to experience sustainability in real-life projects through action learning experiences.

Encouraging and promoting sustainability in research and teaching

oikos has contributed to the university’s pioneering role in the field of sustainability and has helped mold its students as active agents for a social and ecological economy. It creates appropriate educational offerings to provide the university’s students with the required competences and offers incentives to encourage them to do research into this field.