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1st Educathon Vienna


03 - 07

Imagine Business education serving everyone, that provides the skills you need to become an open-minded, open-hearted human-being.

The 1st educathon is going to be the starting point to create a programme fit to tackle this idea and we need everyone who cares about these things to take part.

People from ALL kinds of backgrounds (culturally and professionally) and all kinds of different stages in their life are welcome to participate in a two days collaboratory and co-create a Resonsible MBA from July 4th to 6th.

For STUDENTS we additionally offer a even more active participation:
Become part of the team and learn how to host a collaboratory hands on (5 days) from July 3th to July 7th and earn a certificate from the Lausanne Business School worth 2 ECTS!

Take a peak (2 day – educathon) or (fully) dive in full body (5 day – training + educathon)

Register now: https://www.commitnow.org/educathon-vienna