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Photo Competition 2013

In 2011, under the banner of “Sustainable Unity” oikosTbilisi started the oikos Photo Contest in the form of an international student competition.

The reason for conducting the competition was the awareness of a picture being worth a thousand words.

Students from India, Georgia, Germany and Poland participated in the competition.

The following year the task was passed on to oikosWarszawa.

With the aim of rising the interest for the problems of sustainable urbanisation within the academic community, they chose the theme “Sustainable Urbanization”.

This purpose was supposed to be served in two ways. Firstly the photographer finding the right motive would be reflecting about the topic and secondly the visitors interpreting the pictures at the exhibition would also be encouraged to think about their very personal meaning of sustainable Urbanisation.

2013 the oikos Photo Competition was hosted by oikosVienna.

By chosing “Metamorphosis” as the motto of 2013’s contest we were trying to point out the change going on in our world and the values we cherish in our societies. We wanted to make people think about how this change of standards can offer various opportunities to sustainably change (y)our world for the better.