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Marta Jelina
PresidentMy name is Marta Ielina. I’m a student of the 3rd year of bachelor studies in the field of Global Business, Finance and Governance at the Warsaw School of Economics. I’m active in the Student Scientific Circle of Sustainable Development “oikos Warsaw”. First as a member in the Administration and Finance Department, then as a member and later as a coordinator in the Marketing and Social Media department. Now I’m the president of “oikos Warsaw”.
I’m interested in sustainable development, economics, new technologies, psychology and business. I graduated from music school. I played the violin in the orchestra and performed as a soloist at festivals.
I like traveling, it gives me a chance to see the world, broaden my intellectual, spiritual and cultural education.
I enjoy being physically active. Cycling, swimming and pilates are my favourite sports.
I’m inspired by photography, I find beauty in ordinary things.
Daniel ZawrotnyAdministration and FinanceMy name is Daniel Zawrotny. I am 21 years old and I come frome Ełk, a charming Masurian town, whose region is the best place to spend you summer holidays if you are sick and tired of the hectic urban lifestyle. I am a second-year undergraduate student at Warsaw School of Economics and my subject is quantitative methods in economics and information systems. My two biggest hobbies are cross-country skiing and foreign languages. To relax and clear my mind, I go for a run or to a gym, watch one or two episodes of a Netflix series (no binging) or read some fiction.
Angelika RaciborskaBusinessHey! My name is Angelika Raciborska. I study Global Business, Finance and Governance at the Warsaw School of Economics and I also major in American Studies at the University of Warsaw. I’ve been a member of oikos Warsaw for about a year. Currently, I’m the head of Business Relations and I’m working on the project called Smart City Research. Among my interests are the culture of the United States (which is why I’m doing a second major) and sustainability applied in everyday life - I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastic that I use and eat a flexitarian diet.
Dorota StefańskaMarketing & Social MediaMy name is Dorota Stefańska. Im studying Finance and Accounting at the Warsaw School of Economics. I’ve been a member of oikos Warsaw for one year. Currently I’m Marketing&Social Media Manager of this organization. I was coordinator last international project „CEE Meeting 2018” which took place in Warsaw. Previously associated with Erasmus Network projects. I like working with people, I think that a good team is the basis of every success. I enjoy new challenges and constant development. I love traveling, new experiences. I’m interested in American culture and have always wanted to visit this country. Moreover, I’m a supporter of minimalism / zero waste lifestyle.
Aleksandra NagańskaHuman ResourcesMy name is Aleksandra Nagańska. I’m at my final year at the University of Warsaw, where I’ve been studying economics and management. I joined oikos Warsaw two years ago and since then I’ve participated in many different projects and worked with HR group within our organization. I very much enjoy working with other people, especially those with whom I share common values. I believe that together we can create something meaningful for our society and environment. Personally I love travelling and learning foreign languages. Sounds like a cliché? Maybe, but in my opinion that is the key to understanding the world better and later - to finding ways how to improve it.

A part of the Executive Board 2018/2019

Previous Executive Boards

Academic YearExecutive Board members
2018/2019Marta Jelina
Daniel Zawrotny
Dorota Stefańska
Aleksandra Nagańska
Angelika Raciborska
2017/2018Paulina Chwaszczewska
Anna Pręcikowska
Marta Jelina
Michał Borychowski
2016/2017Katarzyna Kiedrowicz
Aleksandra Dereń
Anna Pierścionek
2013/2014Dominika Czyż (President)
Marta Dajcz
Ewelina Gawryluk
Marta Jacak
Aleksandra Kask
Hubert Pyliński
2012/2013Dominika Czyż (President)
Berenika Bielecka
Ewelina Gawryluk
Marta Jacak
Katarzyna Woźniak
2012/2012Jacek Galiszewski (President)
Krzysztof Borkowski
Ewelina Gawryluk
Marta Jacak
2010/2011Dawid Wróblewski
2009/2010Grzegorz Borkowski
2008/2009Tomek Hajduk (President)
Katarzyna Badurak
2007/2008Agata Walczak (President)
Katarzyna Negacz
Tomasz Hajduk
2006/2007Maciej Żygłowicz (President)
Małgorzata Chlebek
Łukasz Lenik
2005/2006Łukasz Makuch
Paweł Wieprzowski
2004/2005Magda Słok
2003/2004Łukasz Romaniuk
2002/2003Olga Giemza
Agnieszka Dujka
2001/2002Kamila Belka (President)
Witold Kuśnierz
Kinga Kac
1998/1999Agata Dąbrowska-Mężyńska