oikos WarsawChapter NewsOriflame: Bring Beauty & Wellbeing through Responsible Products, 7.05.2017

Oriflame: Bring Beauty & Wellbeing through Responsible Products, 7.05.2017

21 May 2017 | Chapter News, Project, Projects

On 7 th May 2017 we organised workshops with Oriflame called ,,Bring Beauty & Wellbeing through Responsible Products”


The workshop was conducted in English by Ewelina Mucha and Irene Arredondo who work in Oriflame. During the workshop our guests helped us to  understand what the responsible products are. The other topics that were mentioned were sustainable consumption and greenwashing. During the workshop we tried to find the answer to questions like:


-How to become a responsible consumer?

-How to avoid being manipulated?

-Is it possible for companies to earn on being responsible? Is it only PR?

-Would you like to gain expert knowledge on implementing sustainable strategy?

-How to distinguish truly responsible products from the fake ones?

-How cosmetics are produced and what stands behind the price?


The event started with a lecture on mentioned subjects. The second partwas workshop in which people in a group of 4, had to promote imaginary cosmetic as a sustainable product. Then, each group presented their ideas. The workshop turned out to be very interesting and enriching experience.