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CEE Meeting 2013


Detailed report from the project is to be found here.

Sustainable Energy for Europe

Energy comes in many forms. It is light and heat. It is strength and activity. It is growth and movement. Energy is the power to change and… make a difference

If your heart beats for sustainable energy, it is in the heart of Europe that you will make your dreams come true. oikos Warsaw gives you a unique chance to explore the mystery of energy. In mid September the capital of Poland will be powered by scores of young people fueled by the desire to define Sustainable Energy for Europe. Meet you there!

Sustainable Energy for Europe is a conference to be held in Warsaw on 12-15th September 2013. oikos Warsaw aims to gather international community to discuss the future challenges of the European energy sector in the perspective of EU climate policy and CO2 emissions reduction targets set for the year 2020. During the conference we would widen and exchange knowledge about  conventional, nuclear and sustainable energy. Polish economy treated as a case study will the basis to develop a sustainable energy mix to meet the needs of generations to come. We will attempt to find a solution that ensures both security and growth and develop a model that could be implemented in Europe to meet energy and climate policy targets. The solution provided by international oikos community will be a voice in the Poland-wide discussion about low-emission future.

The program of the meeting is on one hand full of workshops and lectures given by both first-class experts and representatives of the business world to raise awareness and deepen knowledge. While on the other hand, team work and P2P sessions will be implemented to allow the oikos spirit of cooperation and self-improvement flourish. In addition, we are planning to carry out two business simulation games. The first one will be devoted to operation of the European energy market, while the other will depict the process of voting on energy policy by the European Commission.

The goal of the conference is to learn how to plan, organize and work in a multinational environment. We would like all the participants to shape the face of the conference and actively contribute to the event. It is enough to cite the co-organizers of the conference to discover the scope of internationalization: oikos Bratislava, oikos Copenhagen, oikos Padeborn, oikos Prague, oikos Tbilisi and oikos Vienna - all agreed to support oikos Warsaw.

We hope that the conference will allow to establish an multinational dialogue on energy based on interactions between people of different cultures, but of common interests. It is essentially the interests that we would like to develop since we strongly believe that without passion you have no energy and without energy you have nothing.

Trips, sports and cultural events, such as movie screening sessions, parties and sightseeing trips will enrich the program to foster the students’ creativeness and openness. Even though the travel to nuclear reactor is to be the highlight, we will also ask the participants to take part in a theatre performance workshops to create a play about energy and understand the roles and actors on the energy market scene. We hope it all will make the conference be both about studying and playing and the participants will network and cooperate to achieve noble, beautiful goals and feel as a part of the community. We will do our best to make the meeting be a travel of a lifetime for you.

Even though Sustainable Energy for Europe will be the 2nd oikos CEE Regional Meeting (after Tbilisi 2012) we would like to invite all European chapters to join the conference. Save the day and get ready for making a difference in Warsaw!

Dominika Czyż,
oikos Warsaw President.

If you are a participant of the conference, please check the participant's guide!