oikos Witten/HerdeckeAktuellesUN PRME Research conference (12th of November 2018) in Cologne

UN PRME Research conference (12th of November 2018) in Cologne

Are you interested in representing our chapter at the conference? Write us till October 11th 2018!

International Networking at Cologne Conference

As oikos Witten/Herdecke, we have the opportunity to participate in a workshop at the UN PRME Research conference (12th of November 2018) in Cologne with some spots free of charge. Regular price is 175€! We also have good chances to get to attend the whole conference (including Tuesday) for free. We would like to offer one or two of our spots to the oikos community! We’d need to get a feedback as soon as possible though. We are looking forward to hear from you until 11th of October (with a short statement explaining which chapter you’d like to represent) if you are interested (.

Here is some information from the organizer:

we organise a workshop at the UN PRME Research conference in Cologne on the 12th of November 18. It is the 5th Responsible Management Education Research Conference under the title of “Leadership Development for Advancing the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Workshop title: Enabling students around the globe to make their university a more ethical and sustainable place

This workshop is for you:

  • if you are a student (Bachelor, Master, PhD level) interested in ethics and sustainability,
  • if you believe that critical thinking and ethical reasoning should be part of all higher education courses,
  • if you want to make your university a place, which becomes a best practice for sustainability and ethics in teaching, research and management.
  • if you are part of a student organisation that fights for some or all of those issues.

Details: https://www.international-csr.org/prme-research-conference/

Our workshop will take place on the 12th of November 18 from 14:30 – 18:00 including a break and a get together afterwards.

The Location: Cologne Business School, Hardefuststraße 1, 50677 Cologne, Germany