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Join our Team!

oikos is a leading non-profit organization empowering students to integrate sustainability in economics and management education and society. We’re looking for committed, collaborative, passionate individuals to join our team of leaders to achieve our mission and vision.

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Title Who can apply Date
Internships Students Ongoing
oikos Newsletter Editor and Newsteam Member oikos Members Ongoing
oikos External Auditors 2018 Anyone Oct 22, 2018
International Executive Board 2019 oikos Members Oct 5, 2018
oikos President oikos Members Feb 21, 2018
oikos External Auditors oikos Members and Alumni Feb 21, 2018
oikos FutureLab Team Member oikos Members Nov 30, 2017
Apply for the oikos Executive Board 2018 oikos Members Sep 15, 2017
oikos Associate: “Pluralist Economics” Anyone June 30, 2017
Volunteer to be a part of oikos – St. Gallen, Switzerland Students June 10, 2017
New oikos Newsletter Designer Anyone Ongoing
Manager, Operations – St. Gallen, Switzerland – 100% Anyone Apr 15, 2017
Call for Workshop Organizers at the FutureLab 2017 oikos Members and Alumni Apr 15, 2017
Call for oikos International Marketing Team Members oikos Members Closed
Apply for the oikos Executive Board 2017 oikos Members Closed
Call for External Auditors oikos Members Closed
oikos is looking for Marketing DONUTS oikos Members May 25, 2016
oikos Associate oikos Members Apr 30, 2016
oikos Executive Board Member 2016 (Half-Year Position) oikos Members Mar 10, 2016
oikos President 2017/2018 oikos Members Mar 10, 2016
oikos External Auditors 2016 oikos Members Oct 1, 2015
Video Editor and Photographer for oikos LEAP Anyone Sep 15, 2015
Reporter for the oikos FutureLab 2015 Anyone Sep 15, 2015
FutureLab 2016 Organising Team Member oikos Members Closed
Fashion Supply Chain and Energy Learning Circle Managers Anyone Closed
Spring Meeting 2016 Organising Team oikos Local Chapters Closed