What oikees say about oikos

"I feel empowered by all the things I learned, and I am able to make better decisions when it is needed the most."

"This self-discovery program was so essential to help us, participants, become responsible leaders."

"LEAP has changed me for the better, and I hope that it will continue to change me as I reflect on each learning that I got."


Creating the next generation of sustainability leaders.




Student members from all around the world.


LEAP Graduates.


Local projects.


Chapters worldwide.



We support our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Do you want to help us foster our leadership skills?

Project leadership - local chapter president - oikos International Board member - oikos presidents - LEAP Leadership program.

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Do you want to support raising awareness for sustainability?

Local events, projects and activism - share knowledge from our programs, e.g. case program.

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Do you want to help us transform higher education?

Curriculum change academy and partnership with faculties - international advoacy.

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Do you want to support intercultural learning?

Biannual international meetings - region exchange - cross chapter working groups.

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oikos in an everchanging world
Since its origin, oikos has been designed to innovate and turn challenges into opportunities constantly.

With this mindset, as Covid-19 disrupted the world, we managed to react quickly to the new, unusual circumstances. We provided cutting-edge support to our chapters and kept all international programs and many chapter projects running online - an environment where oikos students have been working and thriving for several years already.

We now use this time to keep pushing the innovation forwards for students to be at ease with novelty, bold ideas & approaches in uncertain times.

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