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community in action.

why is community work so important?

Our chapters and community are at the heart of oikos International – without a well-connected and enthusiastic network, there is no oikos International! We want to build bridges between chapters and between chapters and oikos International so that we can strengthen each other (with new ideas, energy, motivation and support). Through this work, we can make sense of who is in our community, what they need and how these needs might be met.

what spaces exist for the oikos community?

oikos International hosts a variety of onsite and online spaces for oikos chapters and the wider community including oikos alumni. Some are meant to accompany chapters on their path of being an oikos chapter (e.g. chapter check-ins and houses). Others can be picked up by oikees themselves as they are self-organized formats like oiConnect or oikos Squads and meant to foster connection and learning by becoming an active part of the oikos community.
Curious to get in touch with fellow oikees?
Explore our most important community formats below.

Chapter pathways - accompanying chapters throughout the year

The chapter pathways initiative has been created to accompany (y)our chapter’s development and provide a frame throughout the year. The chapter pathway initiative is an opportunity for our chapters to receive support as they practice and reflect on their leadership and development at the local level.
We focus on the local chapter leaders and their teams.
There are 4 core elements to the chapter pathways initiative throughout the year:

oikos orientation calls


Chapter check-ins

Community reflection calls

Fostering community connection - onsite & online

Beyond the chapter pathways formats that are meant to accompany active chapters, there a several platforms more focused on fostering the international community and mostly open to any oikee, new and old.



Regional Meetings

oikos AGORA

International Chat – Discord

oikos squads - engage and exchange further

Squads are focus groups where the community and friends meet to organize & learn together around an interest or need they share, beyond the boundaries of their chapters. This can reach from more oikos-related topics (e.g. member recruitment) to personal interests (e.g. sustainable finance) and themes people want to work on supported by peers (e.g. mental health).
Squads are self-organized, that means they find their own shapes and often run their activities very independently from other oikos initiatives.

our community team