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Personal and cross-generational connections keep the community and oikos spirit alive and passed on to future generations of oikees. There’s always something to exchange & celebrate when oikees come together!

what are oiConnects?

oiConnects are local pop-up-events open to the whole community that can be hosted wherever oikees (both active & alumni) are based. The idea is to enable the community to self-organize. oiConnects can easily take place anywhere where the oikos community wants to come together. They can take different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and preferences of the hosts and participants. An oiConnect can be everything from casual drinks in a bar to a more extensive networking event. Check out the upcoming oiConnects in your surroundings, host one yourself or read more about the stories from past events oikos is more than 30 years old and ever evolving and growing. 

By giving community meetings a name and platform, we hope to encourage more local connection-making that are communicated about and open to any oikee to join.


Find upcoming events in your surrounding! Just connect to the organizer & join the party 🙂

Impressions from
past oiConnects

Here some images, stories & quotes from past oiConnect events

NYC Alumni Dinner - June 2023
"We attended the PRME Global Forum together and decided to meet a few days later in a nice vegan restaurant in NYC, it was perfect to reflect on the forum but also to get to know each other better!
oikos Lille Alumna
oikos Vienna Alumni Hike - October 2023
oikos St Gallen Alumni Dinner in Zurich - May 2023
"On this evening we shared great food and had lovely conversations. With this informal setting everyone got to catch up with old friends and made new ones. We're already looking forward to the next one!"
oikos st. Gallen Alumna

Are you our next oiConnector?

oiConnectors is what we call the hosts of our oiConnects. Learn more below

What does it mean to be an oiConnector?

To be an oiConnector doesn’t mean to enter a fixed commitment with oikos International, it is more the description of the initiative you take to invite oikees & friends of oikos to gather in your local environment. oiConnectors are encouraged to find their individual way to set up & invite to oiConnect events. Nevertheless, there are some useful considerations & steps in the preparation of any oiConnect.

Discover step by step how you to master your first oiConnect by reading the oiConnector guide

Not your first oiConnect? FIll in the form directly here!

What are the benefits of becoming an oiConnector?

You will stay connected to fellow oikos alumni and oikees and meet new people from all over the world. Have fun with and get inspired by like-minded people!

oiConnects don’t necessarily mean huge effort: a simple invitation for an apero might be enough! At the same time, it gives you space to try out new things and practice your hosting skills 😉

You enable yourself & others to benefit from our community both personally and professionally. This might include to exchange and debate on sustainability-related topics and gain new insights

You can proactively shape your local oikos community and network and contribute with your own ideas

This is your chance to tap into a unique networking position as a connection point between oikos chapter, alumni, and the oikos International team