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our alumni

Whether you are a current oikee, new or old alumni, partner or friend, feel free to learn more about our alumni network!

oikos alumni are active across all around the world in business, government, NGOs and academia. Their common history and interest in sustainability provides a bond that lasts long beyond their university years. It also offers a shared ground to engage in joint initiatives. Additionally, the alumni as part of the wider oikos community allow our student members to tap into an amazing pool of knowledge and passion for sustainability around the globe.

Benefits of being an oikos Alumni

Stay in contact

Connect to old friends
Meet new like-minded individuals

Increase your knowledge

Deepen your understanding of sustainability topics
Get challenged and keep learning

Improve your career

Develop your professional network
Find and recruit top talents

Inspire other for change

share your experience and knowledge
Feature your impact

If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have questions, remarks or any other inquiry about our alumni activities, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email:

There are multiple options on how to stay involved as an alumni.

Stay involved!

Have you pursued a purposeful career after your oikos time and want to share about it with the community?
Or do you want to pass on your personal development story to the community?
Then get interviewed and featured in our alumni portraits

How to get involved: Reach out to

The oikos International team is continuously searching for motivated team members who can support us in different areas.

How to get involved: Stay posted on our open calls and apply!

Within a thematic squad, like-minded people from our community come together to exchange and work on a specific topic in order to bring it to the whole community and beyond. Instead of gathering regionally, our so-called thematic layer is supposed to leverage our international community by bringing those people together who share the same interests.

How to get involved: Check out the existing squads or reach out to the squad coordinator.

oiConnects are local pop-up-events open to the whole community that can be hosted wherever oikees (both active & alumni) are based. The idea is to enable the community to self-organize. oiConnects can easily take place anywhere where the oikos community wants to come together. They can take different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs and preferences of the hosts and participants. An oiConnect can be everything from casual drinks in a bar to a more extensive networking event. Check out the upcoming oiConnects in your surroundings, host one yourself or read more about the stories from past events oikos is more than 30 years old and ever evolving and growing. Personal and cross-generational connections keep the community and oikos spirit alive and passed on to future generations of oikees.

By giving community meetings a name and platform, we hope to encourage more local connection-making that are communicated about and open to any oikee to join.

meet our alumni.

Learn about the unique stories our oikos alumni have to offer.