Apply for German Regional Facilitator position

19 February 2020 | Featured, Join Us

We are looking for a German Regional Facilitator in order to foster the German region activities and keep the geographical advantage of the region!
The Regional Facilitator will have to ensure regular exchange between chapters and members regarding chapter matters, project cooperation, oikos international updates and regional sustainability topics, with a focus on building relationships between individuals and strengthen the oikos network on a more granular level than international meetings. He/she will also be part  of the Chapter Development Working Group (CDWG). There will be up to 9 facilitators (1 per region). ​

The responsibilities may include with the collaboration of Arthur Mària (vice-president of Chapters Matters):

        ●  General CDWG duties

        ●  Interface between oI Team and Chapters

        ●  Planning and facilitating regional calls

        ●  Strengthening social connections

        ●  Support chapters in organising regional on-site meetings

        ●  One-to-one contact with each chapter of the region in case of missing participation

To apply send an email to

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Positive Impact Rating 2020 Report

23 January 2020 | Featured

The First Edition of the Positive Impact Rating was Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos on 22nd January 2020. The Positive Impact Rating wants to support a fundamental change in the business school landscape with regards to the schools’ societal responsibility and impact. It offers students a tool to select an education that prepares them as responsible citizens and change-makers in the 21st-century.

oikos International is a part of the Supervisory Board of PIR representing student organizations.

Read the 2020 report HERE

You can find the list of participating schools and the overview of the Top 30 schools at: https://www.positiveimpactrating.org/pir2020

FutureLab 2019 Report

20 January 2020 | Featured

We are excited to present the oikos FutureLab 2019 Report. The report outlines our main activities and achievements at the event.

Read it here.

oikos Report: Mapping Pluralist Research

15 March 2019 | Featured

oikos is excited to announce the publication of a new report on pluralist economics. This report, titled “Mapping Pluralist Research” provides an overview of the research which has come out of the student movement for pluralism in economics.


24 February 2020 | News

Today oikos International President Clementine Robert featured in Financial Times article about the current state of Business Schools and the neccessity of change in order to bring sustainability into Economics and Management education. The article also covers the... »

21 February 2020 | News

The 2020 International Green Gown Awardsare Now Open Inspire and motivate your team, management and students to do more!  The International Green Gown Awards, supported by UN Environment, recognise exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges around... »

10 February 2020 | News

We are delighted to announce the second edition of the oikos Curriculum Academy. This year the Academy will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland onsite, as well as online! The oikos Curriculum Academy is a 3-day workshop for students,... »

27 January 2020 | News

Julia Köhler of oikos Copenhagen was recently featured in the Financial Times article covering the integration of sustainability into curriculum across Scandinavian countries. Nordic countries are often regarded as leaders in the field of integrating sustainability into various... »

22 January 2020 | News

The World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland, January 22, 2020 The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) is a new rating conducted by students and for students. It is the first time that students around the world assess their business schools... »

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"We set up a Hand Papermaking Studio at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, India, where I am an architecture student. The idea is to initiate disabled people into producing handmade paper on a commercial scale to make an honest living, which will create livelihood opportunities. The initiative is successful and ready to be replicated."

Pranav Gajar, oikos Ahmedabad

"oikos instilled me and my fellow students with knowledge, skills and values that help in shaping a sustainable future. oikos motivates and supports our passion for sustainability by providing us with institutional learning processes and encouraging us to think critically and make collaborative decisions about the future. oikos is a family spread over different continents, yet connected by a common goal and motive, ie. to be the change in building the bridge for sustainability in economics and management."

Naimat Chopra, oikos New Delhi

“The 3 years that I spent with oikos were amazing and I feel that I was really lucky to have had this opportunity. In my PhD I looked at sustainable entrepreneurial businesses and their growth strategies. One of the problems associated with business growth is that it often results in mission drift, or in other words a refocus of attention from social or environmental mission to profit generation. I was intrigued to identify business models that help sustainable businesses avoid mission drift.”

Liudmila Chambers, Winner, Best Management PhD Thesis Award 2014, University of St. Gallen; Former oikos PhD Fellow 2009 - 2012; Faculty, University of Bath, UK

"We trust in the highly committed members of oikos and in their mission to integrate sustainability issues at the world’s faculties for economics and management. The academic approach promotes awareness and sustainability-driven innovation so future decision makers will make a difference. That’s why Avina Stiftung has been supporting oikos for many years."

Sibylle Feltrin, Director, Avina Stiftung

"For me organizing the oikos Summer School was quite challenging. I was responsible for not only the administrational part of the project but I also took part in academic issues. I improved my knowledge in this field and got more practical experience as visiting some enterprises with participants. Working with them was very interesting and worthy. I am a member of oikos Tbilisi and oikos has a great influence on me. After every project, I realize how important sustainability is.The one thing I love the most is the possibility of sharing experiences and opinions."

Ani Loumuri, oikos Tbilisi

"Since 2007, the Mercator Foundation Switzerland has been supporting oikos on both academic and student projects. The "mix" of student activism on the chapter level and oikos' global academic activities position it as a unique organization. We appreciate the engagement and high qualification of oikos members and the diversity of approaches to promote sustainability in Economics and Management."

Nadine Felix, Stiftung Mercator, Switzerland

“I found out that the more inspiring and talented people I meet, the more I feel that it is worth trying to encourage students, academia, businesses and governments to think and actually act sustainably. Being part of the oikos community is giving me the belief that we have the power to make things different."

Maja Horniecka, Chief organiser, oikos Central and Eastern European Meeting; President 2014, oikos Prague, Czech Republic

“I did not realise for a long time how orthodox the economics curriculum is, because I was not taking the classes. Now a group of students have organised a lecture series where students teach other students about other schools of economic thinking, which they are not taught otherwise. I would love to collaborate with them and use the oikos community to expand those activities.”

Renée Horster, Member, oikos St. Andrews, UK

“The oikos Asia Meet was my first event with oikos. There was not a minute in the three days that I felt bored or out of place. The workshop and field trip were extraordinary and very educating. To summarize in one sentence, I attended the Asia Meet as a guest and on the third day I walked out of the venue wanting to be a member of oikos."

Nimisha Ghorpade, editor, oikos Newsteam, India