USE YOUR POWER: oikos Spring Meeting Discussed Sustainable Consumption

07 April 2017 | News

On March 23 oikos Spring Meeting 2017 opened in Hamburg, Germany. More than 130 participants from many different parts of the world were gathered together under the title USE YOUR POWER – Empowering Young Leaders for Sustainable Decisions. This year oikos Spring meeting focused on sustainable consumption to highlight the effects of unrestrained consumption and put emphasis on the importance of conscious decision making. The significance of the topic further stems from the fact that the United Nations explicitly incorporated this aspect in their Sustainable Development Goals. The participants were encouraged to think about sustainable consumption on the individual and company level. To make matters easier for them public lectures were organized with keynote speakers from imug e.V... »

LEAP Intermediate Gathered Together Local Chapter Leaders

03 April 2017 | News

From 22 to 23 March 2017 oikos LEAP Intermediate took place in Hamburg, Germany. The event welcomed 32 oikos chapter presidents and international executive board (EB) members in order to discuss chapter development and strengthen presidents’ leadership skills. oikos International is a member-led organization and the presidents along with EBs play key role in the organization’s decision making process and represent a crucial force behind its success, both at an international and chapter level. For this reason LEAP Intermediate devoted special attention to the development of the presidents’ leadership skills and spared no effort to make them comprehend the importance of their position and work. The presidents were briefed on the organization’s history, mission and strategy and were... »

What a Difference Two Days Make – The Second LEAP Advanced Meeting

01 April 2017 | News

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” –Naguib Mahfouz (Nobel Prize Winner) Better leadership is praised as a solution to many problems: dysfunctional teams, weak performance on key indicators, motivational valleys. But after two days with the LEAP Advanced cohort, which started their 9-months journey in November last year, we were reminded of this simple truth: no effective leadership without self-leadership. During the intense two days meeting the group of young leaders, many of them board members of their oikos Chapters, got to know each other – and themselves – much better. The first afternoon, despite being surrounded by nature, everyone spent bent... »

From Eco to Common Sense: Sustainability in the Fashion Industry Was Discussed at oikos Winter School

17 March 2017 | News

From 5 to 11 March 2017 oikos Winter School took place in Witten, Germany. The Winter School was titled “You call it Eco. We call it common sense. Sustainability in the fashion industry” and explored a role and impact of the apparel industry on sustainable development. About 30 participants and a dozen of speakers from all walks of life spent the week amidst heated debates, discussing the current situation in the industry and possible solutions to its countless problems. The many drawbacks of the fashion industry are exemplified by widespread media coverage, distressing reports of various NGOs and scientific research and data, all of which include numerous accounts ranging from human rights violations to environmental damage. Bearing in... »

The Transition to Renewable Energy: Don’t Expect a Revolution

07 March 2017 | Articles, News

The second oikos alumni debate online took place on February 22nd and as with the first, it was a true oikos product: made by alumni for alumni. The evening was guided by the title: “Renewing Global Energy: Revolution or Evolution?”. Three panelists shared their insights with interested alumni and replied openly to their questions: Nils Bennemann, Ralph Ripken and Aanal Patwari. The debate was moderated by Benedikt Lemke. Solar, wind, thermal, biomass: Renewable energy (RE) has spread widely. Whether humongous wind farms are built off the European coasts or solar panels powering single households are installed on Kenya’s rooftops: many factors have pushed and pulled renewable technologies into the spotlight. But how far have we come? And what... »