Former oikos Presidents shared their Perspectives on oikos Experience

14 February 2018 | News

As the deadline for applications to become the next oikos President is looming closer each day, the former oikos Presidents, Kate Negacz, Lenka Parkánová and Anita Negri, shared thoughts on their time  at oikos. They described what being the oikos President entails and discussed how this experienced shaped their career. Kate Negacz, oikos President 2009 One of the most exciting parts of oikos presidency is meeting great people. They have inspiring ideas on new startups in India or Switzerland, want to help a local community in Austria and Kenya or just see some issues out of the box. You learn that sustainability comes in different shapes and sizes and there is no one solution fits all. You work with an... »

oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics

09 February 2018 | News | Economics, Education

Pluralist economics is the idea that the best way to understand the economy is to study a large number of competing theories. If you’ve studied economics in the past, this might sound like a pretty foreign concept. Economics is often taught as if it is a hard science, with strict rules that need to be followed if one is to come to the correct answer. Pluralist economists disagree with this vision of economics. Instead, they think that listening to and respecting a diverse set of voices is a sign of strength, not weakness. This guide was created by oikos associate J.Christopher Proctor to give people a quick introduction to pluralist economics. For questions about pluralism, or to host a workshop... »

oikos LEAP webinar on Strategy

26 January 2018 | News

The oikos Executive Board presented oikos strategy 2018-20 during the LEAP webinar on January 22, 2018. The objective of the meeting was to share insights and perspective on the strategy, as well as to identify ways of translating the global strategy for the local level. Over 70 participants from the oikos local chapters attended the meeting and discussed the organization’s strategic priorities for 2020. They reaffirmed oikos vision to transform economics and management education for a sustainable world through empowered students and discussed the chapters’ role in the process. In addition, oikos Board of Trustees Gary Steel and Mark Wade spoke about strategy and its importance for organizations and their programs. Gary Steel emphasized the need to communicate about... »

Knowledge Exchange Expedition in India

20 December 2017 | News

The Knowledge Exchange Expedition, spread over a period of 9 months (mid-October 2017 to mid-July 2018), aims to foster exchanges between the perspectives of emerging countries (India in particular) and the mindset of developed countries regarding sustainability, mainly in economics and management (academia and business). It is a collaborative project driven by oikos and swissnex India thanks to the financial support of Mercator foundation. This Expedition gathers and strengthens the entire oikos community internationally and regionally (India): students, faculty members, alumni are all involved! Find out about the specific goals of this unique expedition: Knowledge Exchange Presentation ; Meet Clementine from oikos Follow the Expedition on oikos social media via #KEE, #ShareKnowledge, #IndiaMatters For any request, please contact Clementine... »

Francophone Meeting 2017 in Reims

07 December 2017 | News

This year, oikos Reims celebrates its 10 years. In this occasion, a regional meeting was organized in Reims ( France ) in November 17th, 18th and 19th allowing to gather the various French-speaking chapters of oikos (Lille, Brussels and Lausanne ) as well as its alumni and members of oikos international (plus a special guest who wanted to learn French: Florian Repper from oikos Cologne ). During this weekend the participants discovered the theme of the Bioeconomy during conferences and workshops. We had the honor to have by our side Nicolas Béfort, engineer of Bioeconomy, Antoine Yvonnet, store manager of Symbiose in Reims, and Simon Dobosz, an entrepreneur in Eco-printing, to direct us on this concept and deepen our... »