Lead yourself to lead others

07 August 2017 | News

oikos LEAP Programme 2016/2017 Lead yourself to lead others She leads a company. He leads a movement. They lead their lives. Actually, leading is most of the time related to others. When we speak about a leader, we think about someone bringing people together to help them achieve a common goal. Now ask someone “How to lead?”. You will notice that this question does not have one single answer, each one of us understands it differently. For learning how to lead you can take part in coaching courses, graduate in management or learn it by doing. But when you try to put leadership in practice, you ask yourself: what common goal do we want to achieve? What you... »

oikos Associate: “Pluralist Economics”. Call for Applications. Deadline: June 30, 2017

06 June 2017 | News

oikos members across the world engage on a broad range of sustainability topics — both through extracurricular activities as well as in the classroom and their research. Their agendas range from A as in alternative economic indicators to Z like zero carbon future. Pursuing Passions To support members in pursuing their passion for a particular topic and expanding related engagements of oikos, we launched the role of “oikos Associates” in 2016. oikos Associates join us for six months to deepen their knowledge and network on a specific topic, to engage on this topic and to decide whether to further pursue the topic in their studies. Based within our international team in Switzerland, they explore key questions, examine answers,... »

Faculty from University of Denver, Technical University of Munich, University of Hyderabad and Institute of Rural Management Anand win first prizes in oikos Case Writing Competition 2017

01 June 2017 | News | Entrepreneurship, Finance

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s oikos Case Writing Competition 2017. Outstanding case submissions competed for prizes this year. In the Sustainable Finance track the the first prize goes to Vijaya Narapareddy Zinnoury from the University of Denver (USA). The first prize in the Social Entrepreneurship track is awarded to Joseph Satish V from the University of Hyderabad (India) and C Shambu Prasad from the Institute of Rural Management Anand (India). In the Corporate Sustainability track, the first prize goes to Reinhard von Wittken from Technical University of Munich (Germany). Extended abstracts of our winning and runner-up cases will be available online in our oikos free case collection or at the Case Centre in June... »

Germany Meeting 2017: To Grow or Not To Grow

30 May 2017 | News

From 12 to 14 May oikos Germany Meeting 2017 took place in Bayreuth. The event gathered members and alumni under the title To Grow or Not To Grow to discuss current consumption patterns and sustainable approaches to growth. The event also facilitated networking of the oikos chapters and served as a platform for sharing experience between current members and alumni. Mr. Helmut Federmann of the network ‘Wachstumswende’ introduced ideas of de-growth and enabled the participants to debate its main concepts and approaches that focus on decreasing production and consumption in order to increase human welfare and ensure environmental sustainability. In a unique oikos style, where participants become facilitators, local oikee Jacob discussed Niko Paech‘s theory on de-growth to... »

New Report: Digital Economy and Sustainability

Digitalization – the increased use of information and communication technologies (ICT) – is affecting all areas of our lives. Rapid progress in the development of hardware and software is steadily moving us towards a fully-digital society. The ways how we learn, communicate, and consume are cases in point. Applications and devices make it “easier” (in inverted comma, because sometimes technology makes things more complicated or confusing) to do routine work or to stay in contact with each other. Many of them have already become so embedded in our daily experiences that it is hard to imagine living without them. Instant e-mail delivery, navigating with online maps, and an internet at our fingertips, available 24/7, has become second nature... »