LEAP Advanced: What should you know if you could not make it to the LEAP Information Call

15 August 2018 | News

On August 13, oikos LEAP project coordinator, coaches and prospective students came together for the LEAP Information Call. oikees had a chance to learn about the program and ask questions about activities and required commitments. But if you could not make it to the call, do not worry, we tried to compile the key takeaways from the call in this article. Keep in mind that the application deadline for participants who require visa is August 19, 2018. Regular deadline is September 9, 2018. Apply here. First meet our great LEAP coaches, former LEAP Advanced participants who shared their insights about the program: [Click on the photo to read the insights] Review the FAQ. If you have any further... »

oikos and Cross Cultural Management: Embracing differences and enjoying similarities

10 July 2018 | News

The world has shrunk immensely over the last few decades. As the access to mobility grows and connecting becomes easier, our offices are being filled with lively conversations held in the multitude of different languages, and our lunch breaks are lightened up with anecdotes encountered during business trips to the remote places of the world. But beyond this euphoria, we face a number of underlying challenges: experiencing new cultures might be intimidating, our skills of dealing with diverse groups fragile and our understanding of different cultures may be biased. Addressing these challenges becomes ever more important for organizations such as oikos, that gathers over 1200 members from 50 cities and 24 countries. The concept of Cross Cultural Management... »

oikos hosted a Webinar on Cross-Cultural Management

07 June 2018 | News

oikos members and alumni came together on June 6 to attend our webinar on Cross Cultural Management. The aim of the webinar was to reflect on the role of culture in the day-to-day interactions and enable participants to share their own diverse cultural experiences. The webinar was led by Saurav Kumar Das, former oikos Jamshedpur President and current Alumni Ambassador in India, who introduced different theories of cross-cultural communication to the participants. In the break-out sessions, the participants were able to discuss applications of these theories to the real environment considering their personal experiences. Furthermore, the webinar included a game of kahoot to energize the participants before the presentation and discussions, as well as a reflection session to... »

Knowledge Exchange Expedition: Exploring field of social innovation in India

07 June 2018 | News

oikos Outreach Manager, Clémentine Robert, continues her Knowledge Exchange Expedition in India. In May, Clémentine met with the leading players in the field of social innovation in Bangalore, India. Read how these players contribute to sustainability and what are their inspiring thinking process approaches in her latest report. Knowledge Exchange Expedition: Indian players in social innovation... »

Why does the sustainability experience of an emerging country matter: Swiss student perspective

06 June 2018 | News

More and more people in the world started to acknowledge the importance of knowledge exchange across different countries and regions in order to create a path leading towards a greener, more responsible and sustainable future. Young researchers and scholars play a vital role in this process as they can seize the momentum and focus more on the experiences of the emerging states in sustainability. Clémentine Robert, oikos Outreach Manager, sat with Loïc Krähenbühl, Project Manager at swissnex India, to discuss his thesis on the peculiarities of CSR in India. “Sustainability challenges are widely spread around the world: emerging countries are no exception and certainly present distinctive characteristics from developed nations.  As for the topic of CSR, they do... »