Rethinking Economics is hiring

Our friends from Rethinking Economics are hiring at two positions – Senior Operations Manager & International Gathering Organiser.

Senior Operations Manager

There is an exciting opportunity to join the RE International staff team as Senior Operations Manager! The ideal candidate will be an experienced professional who can take the lead on implementing the RE anti-oppression strategy and its recommendations, while also working with the team to best identify how to best work together efficiently, safely and effectively. They will have a good understanding of UK HR, employment and recruitment law and good practice. They will also have experience of monitoring evaluation and project and organisational management for small organisations. The candidate needs to be UK based.

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International Gathering Organiser

The second exciting opportunity to join the RE staff team is as the International Gathering Organiser!

RE have organised one International Gathering in 2018 where they brought together their movement of economics and related subject students to think about strategy and develop a sense of community. The International Gathering that the successful candidate will organise will be modelled on this event. As well as planning it, they will help to deliver the sessions to 70 attendees in Paris and possibly one other location, with the support of the staff team.

RE will be accepting candidates from the UK, Germany and candidates based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Rethinking Economics

posted November 22, 2021

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P4NE is hiring a Convening & Communications Lead

There’s a new vacancy at Partners for a New Economy (P4NE) as Convening & Communications Lead.

The Convening & Communications Lead will be instrumental in implementing the new strategy to strengthen connections between people and organisations, building bridges within and beyond the new economy movement. You will convene international networks to facilitate learning, collaboration and the development of ideas that push the frontiers of economic debate. Your understanding of the new economy and environmental issues will be utilised to convene events, both online and in-person.

If you thrive on delivering convening events which build collaborative relationships, strengthening connections within and beyond the new economy movement, follow this link to find out more.

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Partners for a New Economy

posted November 18, 2021

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Call for papers: Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference

16 – 18 March 2022 | Lanzerac, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Responsible leadership is a leadership approach that addresses responsibilities and accountabilities of business leaders. It is driven by purpose and positive social impact. To reach a complete understanding of responsible leadership, its importance and how it can be implemented to benefit society, we need to establish a number of things. These include:

How do we make sense of the concept of responsible leadership globally as well as in the African context?
What are the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the responsible leadership discourse?
What is the relationship between responsible leadership and social innovation?
How can organisations develop and nurture responsible leaders internally?
How can we establish a dialogue between sectors, co-create best practices and shape pathways and actions towards responsible leadership?


The Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference is an event that seeks to address important questions about responsible leadership, and encourage further research and to advance the discussion on responsible leadership in Africa. This will enable us to move towards a common understanding of what responsible leadership is and what it can achieve on the continent.


Send us your papers and contributions that theoretically and empirically assess responsible leadership and its relation to individual ethical decision-making, best responsible business practice (in for-profit, non-profit, hybrid, international organisations and government), stakeholder engagement, community partnerships, and cross-sector collaboration. With your help, we can increase our understanding of responsible leaders and implement the correct policies in order to achieve widespread, meaningful and positive social impact in greater society and in organisations around the world.


Scholarly paper abstract submissions: 30 November 2021

Practitioner presentation submissions: 30 November 2021

Notification of review results of abstract/presentation submissions: 15 December 2021

Final paper submissions: 31 January 2022

Email address for submissions:

Learn more and submit your paper:

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GRLI - Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

posted November 12, 2021

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