Let’s Go CAMPing Together – oikos CAMP 2023

We’ve just returned from a beautiful week in Barcelona and Vidália, Catalunya, Spain. The time spent together provided four sustainability projects the chance to move forward and we’re grateful to see oikos CAMP continue to be a core program of our work at oikos of transforming eduction, developing future leaders, and empowering projects to help change the world.

Are you curious about CAMP and the work we do at oikos? Well, why don’t you read this recap below and get in touch with us if you have any questions. There is an invitation here for you to join oikos around the campfire. 🏕

This project is part of the Transforming Education work that oikos International participates in. We want you to be a part of it for next year! Do you want to join us? Email us at info@oikos-international.org

Do you want to go CAMPing?

What is CAMP?

Imagine a space where sustainability projects have a nourishing, onsite location to grow and develop with creativity, play, and support. Oikos CAMP 2023 is that space. A campground to meet like-minded people and beautifully facilitated spaces that will boost your creativity & motivation. ✨

CAMP is a sustainability incubator where multiple project teams move ahead alongside each other. You decide what to focus on in our onsite, change lab and oikos provides the opportunity to join us for workshops that feed your creativity and provide helpful feedback! Our team from oikos will host you.

This year, CAMP began in Barcelona with everyone gathering together and getting to know each other. We then traveled together by bus to an eco-village where we spent a week together working and living while communing with nature and community. At the end of the week, we returned to Barcelona to present our work to our friends and families and share what we’ve learned.

Our Courtyard
Working Views
Magical Nature

The Teams at CAMP 2023

At CAMP this year we had four teams of participants from all around the world join to advance their work and to build connections across the different teams. Living, working, and playing together we grew individually and collectively in our projects. If you are curious to learn more about the projects check out their summary below which will have a link on how to get involved. 

Here are the four teams that met us onsite:

The 50% x oikos International
This cross-NGO team developed plans for a program that would empower the next generation of business leaders to become agents of system transformation. The team developed their proposal and project plan to make this program a reality and they have committed to finding partners that will make the development and education program a reality. 

The Sustainable Finance Team
Prepared a roadmap to follow to develop a Fellowship for Corporate Partners, Young Professionals, and Students to learn about sustainable finance and impact investing. The program will be implemented this fall with partners and participants able to sign up for a multi-month learning journey that will help democratize access to training and learnings to transform the financial world. 

The Transforming Education Squad
Created a workshop to help students improve their education programs to include sustainability more deeply in their university and studies. As part of the TE Squad, community members get to know each other and their current initiatives across different universities. Students get informed about the TE Squad’s resources and the current tools to help them incorporate sustainability into their education programs. Together the squad takes future steps.

The Genies
Hosted the experiential learning workshops of oikos CAMP. It was the third year the Genie team participated as CAMP facilitators and each year a new team of participants help develop and test out methods to help the other teams. The workshops the Genies host help teams work collectively, identify roadblocks, and work through challenges, and allow projects to function in new ways of collaborating and living. 

The final teams presented their CAMP outcomes at our Final Party and Community Gathering at the end of our week together. If you’d like to learn more about the teams check out their responses below. Here is a recording of their presentations: 

Special thanks to ESADE Business School who hosted us at Fusion Point on their Sant Cugat campus.

There were 19 participants from all over the world joining in CAMP 2023. A commitment we made last year was to make the program 2% more diverse and we think we certainily achieved that goal. 

* We recognize this map is inaccurate and Eurocentric. Our participants and their projects are working to change the world and the way we see it like this flawed map. 

Grateful to our Partners

CAMP 2023 would not have been possible without the help of our amazing network, partners, friends, and families. We want to highlight these partners that were able to support us financiallly. 

  • Arne Loosveldt Association for Future Education
  • Aviva Investors
  • ESADE Business School
  • Stiftung FGB 
  • The 50 Percent
  • The Club of Rome

We also benefited from individual donations and would like to encourage you to think about supporting our work. If you’d like to donate through our Crowdfunding Platform please do that 🙂 Every little bit helps. – – > https://goto.gg/f/46078

Let’s make Camp 2024 a reality – closing this edition means slowly getting ready for the next one! Please reach out if you can imagine joining our team for next year or make a donation to help make Camp’24 possible.

An Invitation

We want your help to create the next iteration of CAMP. Are you interested? 

oikos CAMP 2023 is made possible thanks to the financial and organizational support of the following institutions. We are looking to expand our partnerships and increase the reach of our programs. If you or someone in your network is interested in supporting future iterations of oikos CAMP please get in touch with us so we can start planning together. 𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗲’𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗿 𝗰𝗮𝗺𝗽 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗶𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻!🏕

Contact us at: info@oikos-international.org

More About Camp and Outcomes

What began as our Curriculum Camp in Sestriere, Italy in 2021 and grew into our 2022 version in Cal Vidal, Spain, has returned for a third iteration. This is the 3rd iteration of the oikos CAMP after a successful pilot in Italy in 2021 and a great second edition in Barcelona last year, where we saw big projects kick-off and develop like the oikos Sustainable Finance Toolkit, Story Squad, Sustainability Basecamp, Sustainable Business Models, Transforming Education squad, ESADE Transformation Lab and more. You can read more about the projects from oikos CAMP 2022 here.

If you would like to see some of the content we created from last year’s iteration here is our YouTube playlist and here is our Invitation Letter.

Team Outcomes

The 50% x oikos – CAMP project team

The 50 Percent and oikos International have been in an emerging partnership for the past year. Our joint ambition to engage young people as agents of systems change was already explored through joint proposals and hosting events during that time. Now, oikos CAMP 2023 gave us the opportunity to come physically together to take a great leap forward towards a concrete multi-year plan of joint activity. Our partnership aims to create an ecosystem of cross-generational leadership and learning for global equity in a healthy biosphere.

What is our outcome of camp: 

During the week, our cross-NGO came to the conclusion that we want to create an accessible introduction to systems-thinking in business for business, economics & management students. This target audience was chosen consciously. We see in our networks that business students who have an interest in sustainability do not often find the most progressive systems thinking approaches in their traditional education. Due to a lack of exposure & learning opportunities, they simply lack knowledge & practical experience to do business differently which is a gap that needs to be closed if we want to transform our societies towards regeneration. Businesses are a key part of our system and societies and have the potential to accelerate systems change, and thus, need future leaders (business students) who have the knowledge & skill set to drive change towards a regenerative business landscape
We aim to: 1. Raise awareness 2. Convey concepts and theory 3. Offer practical business case interaction  4. Build a community of partners and systems change agents


  • Aug 23 – Mar 24: Starting with a learning campaign to build awareness for the gaps and opportunities in the business world. Most likely, this will be done in the form of a facilitated student focus group with regular touchpoints. 
  • Aug 23 -Mar 24: Building a partner ecosystem, explore funding opportunities, organize hackathon & fellowship
  • March 24: Host a hackathon 
  • Aug 24 – Dec 24: Run a fellowship with theoretical & practical elements for deeper systems skill development
  • Dec 24 – Mar 25: Evaluate and design next steps

We are excited to venture into this more close partnership and develop a way of increasing our collective impact through joint action! Check out our Outcome Presentation hereIf you want to see our CAMP presentation here it is. If you would like to join the 50% x oikos project then contact Caro at carolin.lemke@oikos-international.org.

Sustainable Finance Team

At oikos, we’d like to invite you to join a very special project on Sustainable Finance 💶📈  💚 🌍🌏🌎 
We would like the oikos community to join in co-creating our “Career-Map” and “Toolkit” 🔨🔭🔩. You can help us! If you’d like to join the Sustainable Finance Squad, we’ve designed a Google Form for you to share how you might want to particiapate. Sign up here!

Sustainable Finance at oikos

It was the third year that the oikos Sustainable Finance Squad sent a team of people to participate in CAMP. Each year, the team is new people but they always bring a commitment to sharing knowledge about sustainable finance with the world in an effort to help change the financial system to facilitate a sustainable future. The team sees there is a need for access to trainings, webinars, and networking be made more accessible to those interested in it. Many universities are not yet talking enough about sustainabilty in finance and here at oikos, our squad of students are learning by doing and creating ways for others to be empowered and up-skill their financial abilities to include an understanding of impact investing, climate change risks, and many other relevant topics to include. 

Outcomes from CAMP: 

  • In 2021, the team developed a website of resources for students to learn about sustainable finance – oikos.world/susfin  
  • In 2022, the team created and planned content for the oikos community to go deep into relevant finance topics – check out our YouTube playlist with some of the events and interviews we did.
  • In 2023, the team designed and planned a fellowship for students and young professionals to learn about sustainable finance and impact investing. Check out this website to learn more about the fellowship which will be in partnership with a partner called the New England Impact Investing Initiative – https://www.neiii.org/thefellowship

Check out our Outcome Presentation here.

If you want to see our CAMP presentation here it is.

If you would like to join the Sustainable Finance Squad and participate in the Impact Investing Fellowship being developed then you can contact Stephen (our team leader) at stephen.snider@oikos-international.org. I’d love to encourage you to learn more. 

Transforming Education Squad 

We envision higher education that prepares youth to navigate complexity, and grow into the leaders of an economic system that generates positive environmental and social outcomes. Students play a key role in this systemic shift: with the sustainability challenge at hand, there now is an open window for young change agents to take ownership of their education and make change happen in real-time. Accompanied by early career researchers, lecturers, and together with other allies, students have the capacity to influence the why, what, and how of teaching and learning.

What is the TE Squad?

Everything started with a small group of 4-6 very different people who share one dream: Transforming higher education. We want to contribute to the transformation by creating a workshop that supports students to become active and achieve the changes they want to see at their local universities. Most of us had never met before camp, but when we got together, we soon realized that we are a great team. Our different backgrounds enabled us to see the project from different perspectives, and we also really enjoyed spending time together. To put it briefly, we had a blast during work and our free time!

We started by envisioning what our education could look like – learner-driven, open for discussion, more focused on sustainability…. we could have kept dreaming and talking for hours! But at some point, it was time to get to action. We started with many questions: How can we make others dream about what their education could look like? How can we help students leverage their impact? What struggles do they face, and how can these issues be overcome? Step by step, and with much support from the genies and the creative workshops they held throughout the camp, we found some answers and created the framework for our workshop “Take higher education one step further towards sustainability”. Currently, we are working on the details of the workshop and looking forward to sharing it with you!

Check out our Outcome Presentation here.

If you would like to join the Transforming Education Squad and participate in the TE Curriculum Change Workshop being developed then you can contact the TE Team at te.squad@oikos-international.org.

The Genies 

This team of international oikees helped to design the CAMP workshops. They provided participants with support, training, and skills. This year, the Genies also have been working hard to solve all the logistical issues. They helped to answer any questions participants had and made their stay comfortable.

Genies bring magic to CAMP!

The genies are four young volunteers who have been working hard these past months to make CAMP happen. Once in CAMP, they have been dealing with the day-to-day logistics, offering creative workshops to participants and facilitating teamwork. Each workshop of the week focused on a different topic, which helped the teams further develop their projects.

Being a genie is truly a magical experience: you have a positive impact on many different people, who then bring that impact into their projects and eventually the whole group. It has been very personally rewarding to be able to inspire people and to be inspired back in unexpected ways.

Our purpose was to create a space of creativity, co-creation, and learning together. As the days went by, and among dances, language exchange, and meal talks, we saw the participants “leaning in” and connecting with each other, growing both personally and within the community. It’s amazing how much personal development and project acceleration can happen in 8 days! This shows it’s really possible to transform reality in one week. If you want to see our Genies this year check out this part of our Outcome Presentation.

You can go CAMPing with us at oikos International. Please drop an email to us letting us know you are ready to set out on your own adventure – info@oikos-international.org.

These are the CAMP voices

Hear from the Campers themselves in their own voices. We’re so proud of their contributions as it is really the participants that make Camp a successful environment.

To everyone that helped and participated: huge THANK YOU! We’re incredibly grateful for your trust in us & oikos, for your proactive participation & your daring to lean into new ways of being & doing. We cannot wait to hear more about your takeaways & meet you again.

Drop us a line if you want to help us to go CAMPING in the FUTURE!

Alejandra CruzAlejandra CruzSustainable Finance Team
Eloi RibasEloi RibasSustainable Finance Team
Laura NestaresLaura NestaresSustainable Finance Team
Mark NabongMark NabongSustainable Finance Team
Neema NellyNeema NellyTE Squad
Turana AlievaTurana AlievaSustainable Finance Squad
Valentina HuangValentina HuangTE Squad
BOBBOBThe Genies
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Stephen Snider

posted August 24, 2023

This might be for you.

Join our team: We’re looking for a TE Project Manager

We are looking for a purpose-driven individual with a dedication to oikos’ vision & mission and a drive towards transforming education to co-lead the oikos Transforming Education Initiative.

Starting date: 01st of November 2023 with 20% for onboarding (8.5 hours per week); December onwards with 50% (21 hours per week) 

Salary: around 1000 CHF/month for 50% occupation (the final amount factors in individual employee’s circumstances)

Location: remote

What you bring…

… a commitment to transforming education for a sustainable future

… experience in project management – especially organizing & hosting events online as well as onsite; creating outlines & agendas; measuring the impact of the projects, creating & managing budgets & leading teams of volunteers.

… the ability to work fully remote – with a stable internet connection, your personal laptop & equipment needed; a good command of online tools such as Google Workspace, Zoom, Miro, airtable etc.; and an openness to work & connect with your colleagues and the community over Zoom. 

… a high level of self-organization – planning & managing your tasks and work and holding yourself accountable; being proactive and able to anticipate needs of the organization & community; as well as a sensitivity to deadlines.

… a proficiency in English in writing & speaking – all your work will be in English;  if you speak other languages that is a plus, but not a must. 

… an openness to co-create – with your colleagues, dedicated volunteers and the whole community.

… a dedication to learning – in oikos we believe that we are always learning and we see the organization as a playground where we try new things and sometimes fail, but then learn from it and move on. Therefore, we are looking for someone with a learning attitude and the ability to reflect, review & adapt. 

What oikos offers you

  • Work in a highly purpose-driven organization and team.
  • Work in a young, energetic & agile environment with a multicultural, international team.
  • grow (from making mistakes) and learn new skills.
  • High level of flexibility and own creational space.
  • Gain experience in remote and virtual working.
  • Gain insights into the global challenges and opportunities of an international NGO in the sustainability sector.
  • Get a professional coach to develop yourself further & join other oikos opportunities.
  • Connect to an extensive network of NGOs and expand your network.

What else you need to know:

About oikos & TE

oikos International is an international, student-led non-profit organization for sustainability in economics and management. Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, it empowers student change agents worldwide to embed sustainability in academia and from there into day-to-day business, government, and personal activities. One of the core missions of oikos is the “Transforming Education Initiative”, with four core programmes: oikos Camp, TE Squad, oikos Academy and Case Stories. The Transforming Education Initiative aims to support students to lead the change in their local universities, incorporating sustainable perspectives in their teaching.

Roles and responsibilities

oikos Academy
The oikos Academy is a multi-day hybrid event and space for interactive dialogue between students, professors, university management and other stakeholders. It is hosted by oikos international, together with participating chapters. Your tasks will include to co-organize the Academy, coordinating the participating chapters and communicating with them; co-creating the strategy and concept for the Academy flow; and also co-hosting the actual event with some moderation and content preparation. All happens together within the TE Team of the oikos International.

Case Stories
After 20 years of case writing competitions there was a need to innovate the approach towards case writing. We look at the existing cases and bring them back to life on a platform for sustainable higher education. And we create a case for student engagement at Transforming Education. We are empowering students to reflect back on their engagement, formulate their Case Stories and share them to inspire other students around the world! Your roles will include revising the existing cases together with the authors and other professionals; making them accessible; and working together with students from the community on storytelling and impacting higher education.

Fundraising and Partnerships
Every circle in oikos International is active in finding ways to fund and finance the Team and activities. You will be proactively involved in general fundraising by attending the team meetings of the fundraising circle. This means you will have the chance to bring your own ideas and plans to the table and actively work on collecting funding for the organization. In terms of partnerships, you will be able to dive into your own partnerships, host these and take care of a good relationship with them in exchange with other circles of the oikos International team and the wider community.

Being Part of the oikos International Team
Work with the diverse team on the organization’s strategy, help shape the path oikos takes in the future and support the development of the oikos community. Exchange with the team regularly to provide feedback and find synergies between the organization’s different programs and support each other’s work. Last but not least: have fun & grow as a person 🙂

Application Process

Please apply via our Airtable form. There you will find a space to upload your motivation letter as well as a video where you can tell us a little story about you. Please note that NO CV is needed. Please incorporate the questions asked in the Airtable form into your letter & video. 

We will review applications on a regular basis and invite applicants either for group tasks or personal interviews in a relatively timely manner after receiving the applications. 

Applications will be open until we feel we have found the right person. There will be a preliminary deadline on September 15th by which each candidate will have heard from us. Still, it might be that we have found a suitable candidate earlier than that. We will inform you at the top of the page if the position is already occupied.

The position will start in November, first with 20% during a month-long handover period and then the full 50% from December onwards.

Good luck and we are looking forward to reading your application! 

Apply here
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oikos International

posted August 3, 2023

This might be for you.

TE Squad Call June Harvest

“Dialogue on integrating sustainability into higher educaton” with Dr. Estefania Amer

Action steps from the TE Squad Meetup

  • Identify key stakeholders, such as deans, professors, and student council members, who can influence educational policies and curriculum.
  • Approach conversations with a collaborative mindset, seeking ways to support and work together with faculty and administrators.
  • Collect relevant resources, materials, and examples from your university or other institutions that highlight the importance of sustainability in education
  • Take course evaluations seriously and encourage fellow students to provide feedback that highlights the importance of sustainability

Understanding the University System

By familiarizing ourselves with how universities operate, we can identify the right channels and stakeholders to engage with.

Gathering Relevant Material

We discussed the importance of gathering materials and examples from other universities. Sharing resources and best practices can inspire and guide curriculum design.

Collaborative Mindset

Instead of approaching deans or professors with demands, we should ask how we can support them in making sustainability a priority.

Tailoring the Conversation

When engaging with deans or professors, it’s essential to understand their interests and motivations.

Making Allies, Not Enemies

We emphasized the importance of building alliances rather than creating adversaries. Recognizing that everyone involved is intelligent and motivated, we can work together towards common goals

Hosting Sustainability Info Events

We explored the idea of organizing sustainability-focused events specifically targeting student council members. By raising awareness and fostering dialogue, we can inspire student representatives to prioritize sustainability in their decision-making processes.

Collaboration between Students

When students who are knowledgeable about sustainability and students who are familiar with curriculum development combine their expertise, we can advocate for the inclusion of sustainability in our education.

Course Evaluations

We recognized the significance of taking course evaluations seriously and encouraging fellow students to provide feedback can have a meaningful impact on curriculum development and faculty recognition of sustainability’s significance.

What if you were your school or university rector? What would you change? What impact you would like to see? Share your thoughs with our community by participating in the TE Squad Summer Campaign!

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oikos International

posted July 18, 2023

This might be for you.

PRME Carbon Literacy Training November 2022

The PRME Climate Literacy Training for Business Schools, led by Professor Petra Molthan-Hill is taking place for four consecutive Wednesdays in November, beginning 9 November – all sessions will be from 5pm – 7pm CET. Upon attending all four sessions and completing an assessment form, participants have the opportunity to become certified climate literate and trainers themselves.

If you have any questions, please reach out to clt@unprme.org.

The Climate Literacy Training for Business Schools (CLT4BS) was developed by Nottingham Business School (NBS), Nottingham Trent University, UK in collaboration with the PRME Champions, the PRME Working Group on Climate Change, oikos International, and the Carbon Literacy Project.

Click here to register.

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oikos International

posted November 9, 2022

This might be for you.

oikos Alumni completes 2,500km fundraiser bicycle trip across Europe!

Our dear oikos Alumni Benoit Pitsaer took on the challenge of completing the 2,500km long bicycle trip from Vienna to Istanbul in an effort to raise funds for oikos International programs! Ben enjoyed the support of his employer – NSI IT Software who agreed to match up to 2,500EUR of donations raised throught the effort.

Starting from 1 August, the trip took Benoit from Vienna, visiting cities like Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Constanta, Burgas and more before reaching the final destination on the Bosphorus strait. In Vienna, Belgrade and Istanbul, Ben met with the local oikos chapters as well as the oikos Alumni, making these stops good opportunities to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

The first milestone to be reached was the 2,500EUR in funds raised on Monday, 22 August, as Benoit was less than 150km away from Istanbul, which he had reached a few days later, welcomed by the local oikos chapter and thus completing the journey. Just as he reached his destination, Ben wrote:

“I never thought I would be able to make it to this city, this border between Europe and Asia, given the timing. This journey required a lot of humility. To take a break when the body demands it. To stop when it is too hot. To get up early during heat waves. Even earlier to avoid the rains. And above all… to accept that the number of kilometres I am able to ride does not depend on me but on the quality of the road and the weather. Not easy to accept that.

In short, I didn’t know if I could do it. But I wanted to above all.

So what can I say? Thank you, thank you to everyone who supported me. Not only NSI IT Software & Services for stepping out of the box and supporting the organisation I was fundraising for: oikos International to bring more Responsibility and Sustainability into this world.

Thanks also to oikos International for keeping its mission alive and well since 1987. More than 30 years that have changed so many Curricula, that have trained so many Generations in Responsible Management. Many thousands of Students have passed through their programs internally and not only.

Thanks also to their community that I met along the way in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey.

I don’t quite realise I’ve arrived yet. But this is just the beginning. So here is a spontaneous and informal video on my arrival. What an achievement!”

Over the 2,500km travelled, Benoit passed through many countries. Across the Pannonian Plain through Austra, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, down the Danube valley in Romania, despite a predominantly flat terrain, it was a difficult journey over the countryside roads – in the summer heat or heavy rain, he kept on going. Coming into Bulgaria, the terrain became even more challenging as the Balkan Mountains stood in his way to Turkey, but in the end Benoit made his way to Istanbul, where we hope he’s having a well deserved rest!

What does this mean?

Benoit’s fundraiser was created in support of our ongoing crowdfunding campaign – “Amplify impact for 1200+ students worldwide”. The funds raised will support oikos programs on leadership development and transforming education, helping us maintain them completely free for students, while providing learnings largely unaddressed by most universities’ curricula. Completing the fundraiser marks an important milestone in our fundraising efforts, but does not mean the end to the campaign. If you wish to support us you can still do so by donating here or helping spread the word!

We would like to thank Benoit for his amazing effort in supporting our organization and the programs we create as well as the awareness he’s brought to many with his trip. We also extend our gratitude to everyone who’d donated to the campaign so far.

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oikos International

posted August 29, 2022

This might be for you.

oikos Curriculum Camp 2022!

oikos Camp is back – this summer it’s will be moving to sunny Barcelona!

The Curriculum Camp is our project withing the Transforming Education initiative which brings together teams of young people engaged in projects which mobilize students to bring change to Business and Management education. As such, it allows international teams with members from different cities and countries get together in person and develop their projects. Through oikos Camp teams form, grow and learn through working together on projects with the support and coordination of oikos International. The Camp also provides a platform for the groups to share their work and results made over the course of it with the world.

This year, the Camp will take place from 8-14 August in Barcelona, with support from Aviva Investors and ESADE. It is the second edition of the new format following a successfull pilot in Italy last year, where we saw big projects kick-off or develop like oikos Sustainable Finance Toolkit, LEAP Tools, Positive Impact Rating, Economy Studies and more. You can read more about the projects from 2021 oikos Camp here.

The applications for teams will run through 8 July, and they’re open and free to students on all levels – from bachelor to PhD as long as they’re eager to engage in transforming higher education.

Apply now by filling this form.

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oikos International

posted August 8, 2022

This might be for you.

HESI+10 Global Forum

The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) is an open partnership between several United Nations entities and the higher education community launched in the lead-up to the Rio+20 Conference in 2012. It is currently chaired by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) and the Sulitest Association – a non-profit organization and online platform aimed at improving sustainability literacy for all. Other UN partners include UNESCO, UN Environment Programme, UN Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative, UN University, UN-HABITAT, UNCTAD, UNITAR, and UN Office for Partnerships.Through its strong association with the United Nations, HESI aims to provide higher education with an interface between higher education, science, and policy making by raising the profile of higher education’s sector in supporting sustainable development, convening multi-stakeholder discussions and action, and sharing best practices.

HESI+10 Global Forum, 6 July 2022

Each year, HESI organizes a global forum as a special event to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) – UN’s main platform for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the global level – to highlight the critical role of higher education in achieving sustainable development.The HESI+10 Global Forum, which will be held on 6 July 2022 as a virtual event, will place a particular focus on deepening the understanding of the challenges and opportunities the higher education community can play in building back better from the COVID-19 while advancing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in line with the theme of HLPF in 2022.

Register here.

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UN Higher Education Sustainability Initiative

posted July 4, 2022

This might be for you.

What are the oikos Camp Teams?

The oikos Camp applications are open and run through 8 July!

Over the course of the Camp from 8-14 August you can be a part of one of the teams working on projects in the field of Curriculum Change. To get a better understanding of each of them before applying, we prepared short overviews of each of them:

As a Camp Participant you have an option of joining the existing team with the costs covered by oikos, however if you have a project or a team of your own you wish to be a part of the oikos Camp, you can submit it and create a new team. However in case of forming a new team, in order to attend the Camp you have to fundraise to cover the costs, for which oikos can provide technical support.

Click here to learn more about oikos Camp.

Apply for Camp here.

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oikos International

posted June 24, 2022

This might be for you.

Get ready for oikos Curriculum Camp 2022!

oikos Camp is back – this summer it’s will be moving to sunny Barcelona!

The Curriculum Camp is our project withing the Transforming Education initiative which brings together teams of young people engaged in projects which mobilize students to bring change to Business and Management education. As such, it allows international teams with members from different cities and countries get together in person and develop their projects. Through oikos Camp teams form, grow and learn through working together on projects with the support and coordination of oikos International. The Camp also provides a platform for the groups to share their work and results made over the course of it with the world.

This year, the Camp will take place from 8-14 August in Barcelona, with support from Aviva Investors and ESADE. It is the second edition of the new format following a successfull pilot in Italy last year, where we saw big projects kick-off or develop like oikos Sustainable Finance Toolkit, LEAP Tools, Positive Impact Rating, Economy Studies and more. You can read more about the projects from 2021 oikos Camp here.

The applications for teams will run through 8 July, and they’re open and free to students on all levels – from bachelor to PhD as long as they’re eager to engage in transforming higher education.

Apply now by filling this form.

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oikos International

posted June 22, 2022

This might be for you.

PRME Global Students Summit

PRME Global Students (PGS) is a youth-led global network for creative collaboration and collective action that connects, empowers, and creates value for 300+ sustainability-oriented student organizations worldwide. 

On 14 June 2022, the PGS Summit 2022 will gather worldwide young leaders and youth agency enthusiasts from academia, private, non-profit, and public sectors to discuss today’s most relevant and pressing challenges to our planet and society and build solutions for the betterment of tomorrow. This Inaugural year’s theme is:
Pass on the voice of youth, light the future of responsible management

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Registration is complimentary for ALL
The PGS Summit 2022 aims to consolidate itself as a global arena for the purposeful exchange of local, regional, and international experiences in addressing sustainability and responsible management education with a particular focus on youth protagonism in various global issues.
Don’t miss the first annual convening of the PGS community, where you can:

Discuss cutting-edge knowledge on sustainability and responsible management

Discover impactful initiatives led by students and youth leaders worldwide

Connect with activists, entrepreneurs, scholars, policymakers, and business leaders committed to driving systemic changeThe PGS Summit’s programming will be covered across Eastern and Western Hemisphere sessions to serve our global community.

 It is our sincere hope that you will join us as we celebrate the achievements of youth in our network at the PGS Annual Summit 2022. If you have any questions regarding the PGS Summit, please send an email to pgs_talks@unprme.org.

 Please help us spread the word about the PGS Summit 2022 to your colleagues and students. Besides forwarding this email widely to invite your networks to join us, you can find a social media toolkit for the event HERE to help you or your comms team promote the Summit through personal or institutional profiles. Please note, the event is COMPLIMENTARY for all, regardless of PRME membership or status! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for further updates! Thanks in advance for your help! Warm Regards,
PRME Global Students

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posted June 10, 2022

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