oikos AGORA: Semester Refletion

As another semester draws to an end, we invite you to join us for an online Semester Reflection on 27 June at 3:30pm CEST!

Let’s celebrate the achievements, learnings and impacts made by our community and the hard work oikees around the world have done over the past few months! This is a space where our whole community comes together, so feel free to join with the other chapters in your house and bring along your chapter members.

The main agenda of the call will be in two parts 1) Celebrate the achievements, learnings and impacts made by our community 2) Choosing your career paths and decision making

You don’t need to prepare anything – just come as you are, get to know the stories of others and share your own if you feel like it, let’s celebrate it together and inspire each other!

Join us via Zoom via this link.

We look forward to seeing you!

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oikos International

posted June 27, 2023

This might be for you.

oikos Consulting: Third Big Circle Gathering

Hey Guys!
EU Taxonomy, CSRD, ESRS, ESG, capEx, opEx are all words that are circulating around you but you can’t put them in order and see through them?

THEN JOIN US for our third BCG
What’s the big deal?
Debunking disclosure in ESG

Finally get an overview of those acronyms
Dive into ESG to see what’s behind the disclosures
Interact, discuss & exchange thoughts and get to know others!

For this one we partnered up with one of our collaborators: oikos St. Andrews!
Together we will provide you an unforgettable 2 hour experience!
We can’t wait for this day to come and already put a lot of energy, brainpower and heart into it. Our goal is to make every meeting and gathering memorable, full of learnings and inspiring for you.

For that we ask you for your presence, your participation and also to show up as YOURSELF.

When? 26.05.2023 4pm – 6pm CET
How? Register here

Cheers and see you there!

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oikos International

posted May 26, 2023

This might be for you.

oikos Sustainability Basecamp – Kick Off 01/23

Heja Fellow Travellers!

This is one of our quarterly kick-off meetings for the oikos sustainability basecamp.

Do you want to learn more about our digital learning platform?

Join us online for an hour of connecting & starting this learning journey together.

On zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2032030203?pwd=WWNRUmFIbFo1U3VVKzJRdE5PVlQ5dz09

Your Sustainability Basecamp team

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Sophie Charrois

posted May 8, 2023

This might be for you.

oikos Community Impact Contest Spring 2023

We are delighted to announce the winning projects from the three categories – learning, leading & living – of our Community Impact Contest this semester!

Learning – the winning projects of the learning category is the Students for Sustainability Journal by oikos Warsaw. The journal covers sustainable topics and is dedicated to a wider audience as well as sums up the work the chapter does on campus. The journal amassed over 1000 hits in its first edition.

Leading – the winning project of the leading category is the Chapter LEAP by oikos Graz. It is a set of self-organized workshops by oikos LEAP participants that wanted to develop their personal competences around leadership, bringing the knowledge back to their chapter.

Living – the winning project of the living category is GreenMap by oikos St. Andrews. The collaborative project unites different stakeholders: university, businesses and nonprofit to network and share ideas on green/socially inclusive practices.

All of the winning projects are up on our Impact Matrix and you can learn more about them and explore other oikos projects on it by clicking here.

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oikos International

posted May 5, 2023

This might be for you.

oikos Legislative Meeting Spring 2023 – What decisions were made?

Our first hybrid Legislative Meeting after 4 years was a great SUCCESS and we are excited to follow up with a summary. How amazing to see some of you in Copenhagen onsite at the oikos International Chapter Conference and others online dialing in from different places of the world!

We really enjoyed all your curiosities and proactive participation during the meeting, as this is fundamental for the continuity of oikos International. 

Let’s start our summary by celebrating the RESULTS of the Legislative Meeting: 

**drum roll**

  1. We congratulate Michael Winter who will become the new oikos International co-president 2023-25! The handover period will start in November 2023 and he will fully step into this new role from January 2024 as a successor of Darija Miletic.
    Thank you again to Asha Mandapati, Kristina Heilinger and Mahmoud Nageb for your strong applications and courage to step up for this opportunity!
  2. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that our Auditor’s Reports 2021 & 2022 as well as the Annual Report 2022 got approved by the simple majority of the Legislative Assembly.

Last but not least, our proposal to modify article 5 of oikos International Constitution got approved by 2/3 of the Legislative Assembly,  which will open up new opportunities for fundraising and widen our horizons at oikos International when it comes to the services we could potentially offer as an organization!

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oikos International

posted April 29, 2023

This might be for you.

New oikos International Co-president elected

At the oikos Legislative Meeting on Saturday, 22 April, the representatives of oikos chapters elected Michael Winter as the next oikos International Co-president. Michael is set to begin his two-year term at the end of the year.

We would like to congratulate Michael and wish him best of luck as we eagerly await his term to begin! We also take this opportunity to thank Asha, Katarina and Mahmoud for their courage in stepping up as the candidates and bringing their contribution to the election, which no doubt was not an easy choice for the oikos Community. Lastly, we would like to thank the chapter representatives and other attendees of the Legislative Meeting for their engagement and participation in an important discussion on the future of our organization.

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oikos International

posted April 27, 2023

This might be for you.

Community Impact Contest – Share your work with the world!

Our diverse community of student changemakers is always thriving with action and innovative ideas towards sustainability. The work of our chapters, may it be recurring events or new initiatives, deserves the spotlight and to be showcased & celebrated.

We are launching the second edition of the oikos Community Impact Contest as a participatory, fun and engaging way to invite our chapters to showcase and celebrate their accomplishments and share it with the rest of the oikos community. 

We wish to celebrate the incredible effort and the impact our chapters are creating at their local campus and beyond through this unique opportunity to present their work to a wider audience. Our students deserve the spotlight, because their projects are just one sign for the unstoppable drive for change within our community.

In order to do so, oikos International has developed the oikos Impact Matrix. It is a tool to track & trace the impact of our whole community, with a focus on real-time accountability and the stories behind our work. Next to oikos International initiatives, chapter projects play a special role in this showcase.

The oikos Community Impact Contest is a fun, participatory and engaging way to invite our chapters into co-creating the matrix as it gives them an opportunity to share their most important projects. While celebrating each other’s work, this will provide a platform to learn, exchange and get inspired within & beyond the oikos community. 

To host a truly meaningful contest, we call you – all oikos Chapters – to participate boldly!

  • Participate: Hand in all projects that you would like to share with our global oikos community, by filling this form (10-15 mins). This way, you will get a chance to share the work of your chapter with the world. Tell us your story behind the project and inspire some hearts from the community. You can be as creative as you wish 🙂
  • Vote: The community will get to vote during the International Chapter Conference (ICC) (20.4 – 22.4) where each and every oikee will be able to vote online on their preferred projects and initiatives. The voting will be held online and available for everyone, regardless if they’re attending the conference or not.
  • Celebration & Publication: The initiatives with the most votes from four categories (learning, leading, living & organizing) will be announced during the Legislative Meeting on the ICC (22.4.2022) and will be presented on the oikos International website. There will be a special price for all listed initiatives 😉 Only thing left : CELEBRATION!
Participate now!

Reach out to us in case there are any questions on: darija.miletic@oikos-international.org

Let the games begin, enjoy the contest!

oikos International Team

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oikos International

posted April 10, 2023

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oikos AGORA: oikos Camp 2023 Bonfire Mingle

Calling all oikees, active & alumni to the next AGORA – our virtual community space!

WHEN: 4th of April, 4 PM CEST

WHAT: Gathering as a community is a practice that is as old as humanity itself. Imagine living in old Greece in an urban community. Every week, the whole village came together to the central square to exchange, discuss and learn from each other. This space was called AGORA. This practice is something we want to bring to oikos, in a frequent rhythm and virtually!

This time on the agenda we got:

  • oikos Camp: Join us around the bonfire! This Agora will be a moment for checking in, sharing some stories, and learning more about the upcoming oikos Camp taking place this summer.

WHERE: At oikos, our AGORA is taking place in the virtual office (aka. Zoom), to be inclusive to our international community 😉

WHO: Both, active oikees & alumni, are invited to join! Especially to share their experience with each other

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oikos International

posted April 4, 2023

This might be for you.

[CLOSED] Call for candidates: Are you the next oikos International Co-President?

Are you ready to rise to the challenge of stewarding a global community of student change agents, together with your learning ’partner in crime’ & fellow co-president? Does the idea of learning, growing & developing a multitude of leadership competencies ranging from the individual to the global community level excite you?

Then apply today to become the next Co-President of oikos International! 


  • Application Time: 06.03 – 10.04.2023
  • Election: during the HYBRID Legislative Meeting in April (22.04.2023) → ONSITE AT THE ICC in Copenhagen and ONLINE
  • Duration & scope:
    • 2 years contract
    • November/December 2023 – December 2025 
    • Full-time employment (42h)
  • Location: remote, at the country of residency
  • Salary: 2000 CHF + social security contributions + health insurance + travel, events and conference reimbursements

What the work of an oikos co-president looks like: 

As an oikos co-president, you will be working in a highly complex, ever-changing but also truly supportive and warm environment. You will work with a colorful & diverse team of around 20-25 employees and volunteers from all over the world, mostly but not limited to our virtual office. In your role, the team will actively support you and they count on your guidance and facilitation to some extent. AND there will also be another co-president stewarding the organization together with you. So you are not alone! You will have an amazing opportunity of holding the role together with a learning buddy, someone that has your back, and collaborates & co-creates this inspiring journey with you. Feel free to learn more about the co-presidency model here.


As a co-president, your roles and tasks are very diverse and cover all aspects of the organization. Roles will be agreed upon between the co-presidents, the sharpening and agreement will happen in an appreciative conversation after the election and during the handover process. Acknowledging that oikos is a complex organization, we assume that it needs this space to shape the roles together in close collaboration and co-creation.

Next to granular roles that are owned by either one or the other, there will be several roles that will/should be shared by both, eg. to better regulate long-term partnerships or help the team to navigate fundraising efforts, facilitation and hosting of the team and several roles that will need power of togetherness, like strategic clarity and overview. Beyond this, each role is enriched to address oikos’ purpose, vision and mission reflecting oikos’ identity AND the personal development needs and wishes of the individuals.

Some examples from the portfolio are..

  • Tending the oikos community by listening in, ensure close connection to the community, empowering chapters’ impact on the local level and exploring new pathways of organizational development
  • Stewarding the oikos International Team and taking care of forming & facilitating the oikos Board and the Staff. 
  • Facilitating our international & global strategy development to guide and map the activities, impact and development of the oikos community around the world.
  • Exchanging and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders towards fostering financial and non-financial partnerships and collaborations. This includes being in the (advisory/supervisory) board of several partner organizations 
  • Representing the network at various international conferences, seminars, trainings etc. Fundraising is a big part of this aspect as well.
  • Overseeing, contributing to and advising oikos international initiatives like Transforming Education Initiative or the LEAP Program and advising the organizing teams of community projects with an international scope.
  • Ensuring that all administrative, legal and HR matters are running smoothly, and supporting the dedicated team members in these matters.

What you can LEARN & how you can BENEFIT:

Over the two years of the co-presidency, you will grow and learn a lot, not only as a person but also professionally and as a leader. You will gain first-hand insights into how the wider network of sustainability and higher education works, where it is moving and how we at oikos have an influence that matters. On the ground, you will liaise and collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders working in the field of sustainability and foster a huge network of relationships to key individuals and movements in academia and business. One thing is sure: your leadership competencies will be on test – and you will definitely grow beyond yourself on this fascinating learning journey!

Your needed QUALIFICATIONS and competencies:

  • Commitment to and understanding of the oikos community, and the current needs, wishes, and topics of the network. We only accept applications from within the oikos network. Any oikee is welcome to apply!
  • Passion for sustainability in higher education and leadership development with an understanding of how it relates to oikos’ vision, mission and purpose.
  • Facilitation competencies and leadership skills
  • Ability and curiosity for leading in complexity: being able to navigate complex challenges, adapt to and handle overwhelming – stressful situations for yourself and the bigger team.
  • Willingness to develop and implement management skills, together with some experience with software packages (such as Google Workspace, Miro, Airtable, website content management, etc.)
  • Fluency in English in speaking and writing, basic knowledge of German and/or French is a helpful plus
  • Exceptional communication skills and an ability to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Experience with project management with an attention for detail.
  • Openness for learning!

How to apply →  It’s very simple:

Fill in the application form, while adding the following documents: 

  • A motivation letter (max 2-3 pages);
  • Your vision and action plan for oikos (max 2 pages);
  • Your CV (max 2 pages);
  • A brief introduction (about 150 words) and picture for the oikos website;
  • A reference letter;
  • A video of up to 3-4 minutes detailing your candidature.

Contacts for questions:

Darija Miletic (co-president 2021-23): darija.miletic@oikos-international.org 

Carolin Lemke (co-president 2022-24): carolin.lemke@oikos-international.org

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oikos International

posted March 7, 2023

This might be for you.

[CLOSED] We are searching for new house facilitators for 2023!

What is a house? – A house is a peer group among chapters and offers a personalized space for exchange on learnings and opportunities. Each house is a unique composition of 4-5 oikos chapters that has their own identity and regularly comes together in house calls. The house calls are hosted by house facilitators.

What is a house facilitator? – A house facilitator is a connection maker & coordinator! House facilitators are warm, open-minded people with a community spirit. They creatively bring their house at the virtual table to meet, exchange and learn with and from each other.

What are the responsibilities? – Building personal relationships & an identity with chapters in their house, Coordinating monthly calls with their house, Attending regular exchange calls with other house facilitators, Communicating to oikos International about current health & status quo in house, Passing on information from oikos International to the chapters

What’s the expected commitment? – 3-6 hours/month for a minimum of 6-12 months

What is in it for you? – Become an official volunteer of oikos International, the umbrella organization of the oikos community (benefits include: access to coaching, Udemy online courses, international volunteer experience to put on your CV and more), Practice your facilitation skills, Connect to amazing people from around the world

Interested? Reach out to Carolin Lemke (caro.lmk) in a direct message on Discord!
We look forward to welcoming you in the team soon!

Not part of the oikos Discord Community yet? Join it from here!

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oikos International

posted March 1, 2023

This might be for you.