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oikos Germany Meeting 2017

“Degrowth: less consumption and more DIY” will be the main topic of Germany Meeting 2017. Read more information on the website.

oikos Spring Meeting 2017

We drink, we eat, we drive; we consume ‘stuff’ the entire day. But mostly not in a sustainable way! That’s why consumption is a critical issue towards sustainable development...

Zero Waste Challenge

The aim of this challenge organized by oikos Paderborn is to generate as few waste as possible in the event’s week. Participate!   More information (in German) here.

FairTrade Coffee Break

As part of the World FairTrade Challenge, oikos Bayreuth organizes a Fairtrade coffee break. Come and support the challenge by drinking fair-trade coffee!   More information (in German) can...

oikos Germany Meeting 2016

The oikos Germany Meeting 2016 will be hosted by oikos Paderborn, Germany. Find the preliminary program (in German) here.

Asia Meet 2015

The next Asia Meet will be hosted by oikos New Delhi and the main topic is going to be sustainable urbanisation. More information coming soon!

Central and Eastern European Meeting

The main theme of the conference is sustainability opportunities in  agricutlure, food supply chain and waste management. We will inquire into the whole food cycle. Host city:Prague Info
Cases Publications

Organic Growth at Sonnentor

Abstract   From a small village in Northern Austria, Sonnentor had developed into a multinational organic food production company exporting teas, spices, and related products to more than 50...