30 seconds with the FutureLab Team

12 November 2018 | News

You saw them rocking the mic on stage at the Impact Hub, they helped you get that third room key at the hostel, and they’ve been dancing in and out of your email inbox throughout the year, but how much do you really know about this year’s FutureLab team? The FutureLab doesn’t organize itself, and this year the event was put on by an awesome group of oikees, staff, alumni and Executive Board members. So, going left to right on the photo here’s the team: Nurlan and Abdul, the Baku boys! Nurlan was part of last year’s EB, was the main contact point for all the speakers for the second day, and also moderated the plenary session on... »

FutureLab 2018: Exploring Opportunities for Building Lasting Change

01 November 2018 | News

Building Lasting Change – no other theme could capture more perfectly the essence and character of the FutureLab 2018. It was challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring, but above all, it was an impact-driven event. This year, the annual oikos conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 26 to 27 of October. The FutureLab 2018 brought together over 100 oikos members, partners and supporters to discuss sustainability issues affecting our world and explore opportunities for the integration of sustainability into economics and management curricula. Sustainability was at the heart of the FutureLab logistics as well. From serving vegetarian and vegan food to encouraging participants to take trains or buses for travel, we tried to limit our carbon footprint as much as we... »

oikos Graz hosted event on Sustainable Finance

22 October 2018 | News

oikos Graz, in cooperation with Finance Club, hosted an event on Sustainable Finance at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz on Wednesday, October 17. The audience of about eighty people was curious to understand how to invest money sustainably. The first speaker Dr. Karl Weinmayer is Assistant Professor of Finance at the Modul University in Vienna. His current research focuses on Sustainable Finance. He showed the development of sustainable investments in the EU and globally. He pointed out that there has been an increase in sustainable investments. Weinmayer explained the different criteria applied by investors when searching for sustainable investment possibilities. Most common is Negative Screening, which excludes certain business practices, sectors or companies. Other criteria are Positive screening, Norms-based... »

oikos Launches a new Curriculum Project

09 October 2018 | News

At oikos, we want to transform education for a sustainable world. One direct way to do this is to work to change economics and management curricula at the universities where we are present. To help member groups work towards local change we are launching the oikos Curriculum Project. The Project will kick off with a workshop at the FutureLab called “Building a Better curriculum” that is designed to help oikees think through the purpose of their education, and dream up new ways to teach economics and management. The workshop was developed and tested this summer at the oikos Summer school in Vienna and events in Italy and France. After the FutureLab, special support will be provided to oikos... »

LEAP webinar discussed the art of Facilitation

09 October 2018 | News

On October 8, 2018, oikos LEAP hosted the very first webinar for its new 2018/2019 cohort. This open webinar focused on the art of facilitation and featured Hanna Meirelles, an international trainer, and development facilitator. She talked about the role and responsibilities of a facilitator and discussed the essential skills and tools required for facilitation. “The word facilitate comes from a Latin facilis, meaning “easy”, hence the key function of the facilitator is determined by the word itself, and that is to make things easy for his or her audience.” – explained Hanna to the group of intrigued oikees. She pointed out that every good facilitator needs to have 3 key skills: – leadership – it is a... »