Business School Rankings for the 21st Century Report Launches Today

23 January 2019 | News

Davos, Switzerland – A new report on business school rankings is being simultaneously launched in Davos and Shanghai, with business school deans to discuss the report in Davos on January 23. The report, published under the aegis of the UN Global Compact and with the support of Aviva Investors gives an overview of the current state of the business school rankings and suggests possible changes to help align business school education with the needs of the 21st century. Business school rankings are produced by organisations such as the Financial Times, the Economist, US News, Business Week, and Forbes. These rankings strongly influence business schools, which in turn influence their students: the next generation of decision-makers. However, these rankings... »

30 seconds with oikos Suzhou

07 January 2019 | News

 In January, we welcome Haoyue Zheng and Adit Rastogi of oikos Suzhou to our monthly segment. They shared how oikos Suzhou came to life, what sustainability challenges are prevalent in their region and how their oikos chapter tackles existing problems.  Haoyue Zheng, President, oikos Suzhou “Doing well by doing good” – I heard these words from my professor. It made me wonder if  businesses today follows this message, so I started investigating more about sustainability issues. During this time, I realized that profit should not be the only goal for corporations to chase after. I learned about companies that give back to society because of their internal moral and ethical convictions, then there are those that have faced... »

oikos Asia Meet 2018 in Kolkata: towards a sustainable future

20 December 2018 | News

oikos Kolkata organized the annual Asia Meet with a single objective to keep the topic of sustainability alive among students and push them towards thinking on the sustainable future. With this view in mind, all the events centered around discussing and putting forward ideas for a better future – be it the National Case Competition or the Sustainable Marketing Competition, where participants solved real-world problems to address the issue of sustainability in business or the Pitch Your Idea event that aimed to bring together foreign exchange students from IIM Calcutta to share their views on a sustainable future. The Design thinking workshop was organized to promote social entrepreneurship among students and welcomed over 60 participants. A former World... »

30 seconds with the oikos Executive Board 2019

12 December 2018 | News

Dear oikos community, What a turbulent month since we came together to celebrate the FutureLab in Geneva and became part of the new oikos international board. When thinking back, we still can feel the ambition and excitement in the room and we are really grateful for your trust and great commitment. But who are actually the persons behind the superficial presentations you listened to? Well, there’s CLEMENTINE, the mother of the household who’s burning the midnight oil; ALEXIS, the master of time, creating her own time zone while being omnipresent in all oikos communication channels; JAKOB who best knows how to keep the balance between cutting the corners and the costs while hitting the roads of France with his bike;... »

LEAP Webinar: becoming radical, ethical and authentic Transpersonal Leader

11 December 2018 | News

“It is our choices, Harry, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities” – and thus Professor Dumbledore gave Harry his first Transpersonal Leadership advice. Indeed, our choices shape us and the world we live in, but how do we reach decisions? What do we consider and what should we consider in order to make the right choices? And how should we lead in order to render the right decision-making possible? These are some of the questions tackled in our webinar on Transpersonal Leadership. John Knights, our invited speaker, an international thought leader, and coach explained: “Transpersonal Leaders operate beyond their ego, continuing personal development and learning. They are radical, ethical and authentic while... »