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LEAP Initiative.

Inspiring a new generation of leaders

The oikos Leadership Program – LEAP inspires young people to become more responsible and sustainable in their decision making and equips them with insights, knowledge, and tools to do so. The program challenges participants to reflect on their values, purpose, and actions. It helps them to have an empowered voice and encourages them to be proactive about change.

what is LEAP?

LEAP is the oikos Leadership initiative focusing on building capacity in the oikos community with the necessary competencies, qualities, practices, tools and global network to become conscious leaders in the co-creation of thriving and sustainable societies.

why do we need (to) LEAP?

The question of transitioning to sustainability, creating thriving and flourishing living systems highlights the need for conscious leadership development. There is a blind spot in our global efforts to create a sustainable global society. A growing number of researchers in sustainability science, as professor Christine Wamsler from Lund University, elucidate that our sustainability challenge cannot be resolved only by new technology, policy or governance approaches. There is a need to address leadership, to educate and prepare students to lead solutions for sustainability and to focus on the role of the inner dimensions (described as people‘s mindsets consisting of values, beliefs, world-views, motivations and associated cognitive, emotional and relational capacities) of human beings and the potential of inner transformation as a powerful leverage point for sustainability (Wamsler 2019a).

A big part of oikos’ mission is to transform education. We understand we have a significant role in developing our individual and group members to be inspired, skilled and empowered at imagining and leading sustainability transitions. In this context, LEAP plays a key role in introducing emerging leadership models, in order to overcome the dominant paradigm of leadership, which is often seen as a driver of unsustainable practices.

how do we build leadership capactiy in the oikos community?

Ever since 2015, our LEAP inititative has brought different programs and tracks to life based on the needs of the community.


LEAP YOUth is a 10-month transformational leadership programme for students from our community focusing on building leadership capacity with the necessary competencies, qualities, practices, tools and global network to become conscious leaders in the co-creation of thriving and sustainable societies.

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LEAP Researchers

LEAP Researchers is a 9-month program for early career researchers that focuses on participants’ personal development and capacity building, alongside providing support in the field of research & teaching. Together, the group shapes a perspective on transforming education and prepares to face the challenges in their institutions, as allies to our students.

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The LEAP Life is our self-organized platform for life-long learning around leadership. It is coordinated & initiated by our LEAP alumni: Everyone contributes with a diversity of formats, participation and feedforward. A true playground to continue supporting each other in our personal development.

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LEAP Tools

Create your own self-paced leadership journey that is adapted to your needs! We made all of our resources available for our chapters & partners under the name LEAP Tools.

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Our Partnerships

Moving forward together, beyond sustainability.