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How The Fellowship Empowers Me

As part of this series on our programs, we have the Fellows share their own voices as we learn a bit about what they are getting from this learning journey. Check out this reflection from Tracey. She is a Jamaican and is working as a Sustainability Entrepreneur and Educator. Through the Fellowship Tracey hopes to learn more about the impact sector and develop hear knowledge on impact investing topics. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

As part of the Impact Investing Fellowship, our Fellows get access to training programs and knowledge sessions. We empower our participants to see the possibility in creating real world impact with the financial system by learning about the forward-thinking organizations and programs that are spreading sustainable finance and impact investing. We work to transform education and empower the future finance leaders and impact creators.
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My experience with the Impact Investment Fellowship to date
by Tracey Edwards

One of the greatest challenge as an entrepreneur in the sustainable development or environmental field is finding opportunities to grow, and a community to engage. It is an especially impossible task, and burdensome for the following reasons if: 

  1. You are from the Caribbean
  2. As an entrepreneur, you may not have organizational backing to send things your way
  3. Funding is always tight to pay for learning and getting into the right spaces that will help to leverage opportunities for you. 

In this arena, support is desperately needed.

But, here comes this offer from oikos International and NEIII with their Impact Investing Fellowship Programme.  I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to be a fellow, and so far I am learning so many things and getting opportunities for growth that it’s hard to keep up. At first, I felt slightly intimidated about impact investing, primarily because I am coming from the life science discipline, as opposed to the banking sector. As I engage in the sessions, I found my unease was unnecessary. Learning from all the sessions shows that impact investment does not place emphasis on your background, but where you want to be in the Sustainability space. The session presenters and trainings are designed such that you can understand and learn no matter where you started. 

A few weeks into the fellowship and I have garnered so much more about impact investment, impact entrepreneurship from the weekly sessions, being part of the growing community spaces, having access to paid articles, and learning from the diverse individuals in the cohort, I can only describe the journey so far as being – impactful.

I am most grateful for the global reach and diversity of the programme. Thanks to Stephen and his Caribbean affiliation, without which I doubt I would have learned about this opportunity. My best takeaways so far aside from the new knowledge each week: Diversity in Sustainability, really loving this space, Impact Alpha newsletters, Boston Impact Initiative, and access to funding for ideas and innovation. Something else that works for me, but is an indirect bonus, is being more targeted in writing grant proposals. The impact space will do that for anyone.

I have gotten so much already, and looking forward to more. Thanks oikos International and NEIII.

Tracey Edwards
Sustainability Entrepreneur and Educator

The Fall 2024 Fellowship will be starting soon and you and your network can join for future events and workshops. The Fellowship provides a place to connect with the impact investing space and develop your knowledge and skills.

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Professional Profile – Tracey Edwards
Sustainability Entrepreneur and EducatorTracey is a social/environmental entrepreneur, founder of Plakortis: Business’ Environmental Sustainability Coaching Services, since 2018. She has over 16 years’ experience in the environment and sustainability sector: contributing to coastal and marine conservation, climate change and disaster risk management. An advocate, and educator she has contributed her knowledge and expertise to varied organisations across the Caribbean, inclusive of: The International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), French and Dominica Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), The University of the West Indies (UWI), HelpAge International Jamaica and the Government of Grenada/Carriacou as MPA Manager for the Sandy Island Marine Management Area.

Tracey’s career begun as a junior scientific officer at the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, UWI, where she quickly engaged in the design and implementation of environment/marine education programmes, summer eco camps in schools and communities. Building on her background in marine biology and geography she retains her interest by supporting biodiversity and natural resource protection, climate change vulnerability risk to various sectors, including agriculture,

community livelihoods, monitoring water quality trends, health status of corals and mangroves and the impact of pollutants on these critical nearshore bodies. Tracey has a strong commitment to building resilience in the blue and green economic sectors and our communities.