what is the oikos Academy?

The oikos Academy is a week long interactive, hybrid event that is:

  • A change lab for innovative and scalable solutions to address the sustainability challenges in higher education
  • A sharing platform for skills and capacities around leadership, change management, sustainability practices, new economic thinking and business solutions.
  • A driver for institutional change through clear commitments and actions as outcomes of the event.
The oikos Academy opens creative spaces for students, professors, university management and other stakeholders to get inspired & initiate change at their institutions.
Together, our oikos chapters facilitate interactive dialogui within and across multiple institutions and plant the seeds for collective strategizing towards concrete action on campus, focues on local challenges.
This year's Academy inquires how higher education can foster the capacities and competencies needed for sustainable development and help us navigate through a VUCA world.


Higher education plays a critical role in preparing the next generation of leaders shaping our society and economy. Students need to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, and to achieve that goal, they need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to drive positive change and advance sustainability. As we all know, nothing worth creating is built in a vacuum, so collaboration and co-creation among faculty, research and students is required to navigate through the complexity of the existing frameworks, find actionable solutions, and take the entire learning process to the next level.

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Transforming Education