30 seconds with new members of oikos International Management Team

13 January 2020 | News

This month we welcomed new members to the oikos International team and we’re very excited for them to introduce themself to the community. Meet Marcelo, Giuliana and Stefan Giuliana Longworth, Case Program Manager Hi I’m Giuliana! I strongly believe in the power of movements and actions initiated by civil society and public authorities. It is this belief which has guided my personal and working experiences and what has brought me close to oikos. Working for two European city networks on sustainability related topics has allowed to deal with public authorities and work on their immense potential impact into the market and society. I’m now looking forward to explore the possibilities of student-led changes in the world as I... »

Board Meeting 2020

07 January 2020 | News

Just a few days into the New Year, the New Board got together in fellow oikee Adriana’s house in Oberentfelden, Switzerland for a yearly strategy meeting. Have a glimpse on how it went and get some insight into how the Board works. We encourage any chapter to consider organizing such meeting with its board to bond and make its work for the year coherent and even more impactful! Welcomed by a lovely letter the board felt directly home. Three exciting, draining and fruitful days lay ahead of them. During the strategy meeting on Friday we found a common ground with the discussion of the vision and mission of oikos, creating the strategy until the end of the year 2020 and... »

FutureLab 2019: Building partnerships for a sustainable future

16 December 2019 | News

Commitments to halt climate change abound in politics, academia, business, and civil society. To bring forth genuine change and yield impactful results, however, lasting multi-stakeholder dialogues and new synergies across these different spheres are instrumental. So, in 2019, we decided to dedicate the oikos FutureLab, our annual international conference, to the topic of partnerships and focus on the key message of #ActingTogetherforSustainability. The FutureLab conference brought together over 90 students, professors, entrepreneurs, and sustainability thought leaders in Geneva, Switzerland, on 1 and 2 November 2019. The first day of the FutureLab 2019 revolved around the topic of ‘partnerships for a sustainable world’, while the second day shifted attention towards ‘partnerships for changing economics and management education’. Through a... »

oikos Cologne Alumni Meeting 2019: Bringing the past and present together

12 December 2019 | News

In September 2019, oikos Cologne hosted its first Alumni Meeting in twenty years of oikos Cologne history. Today, they share how they achieved the milestone and what bringing together the past and present oikos generations can teach us all. We were lucky that the idea of the meeting was suggested by Kerstin Hötte, former oikos Cologne member, who already had some alumni’s contact details. Her proposal excited us. We were eager to learn who our predecessors were and what was their life after graduation. And it was nice that she was putting effort into the organization and communication so that we mainly had to take care of the logistics.  We started organizing the meeting about two months before the... »

oikos Stories: Insights from one board to the next

10 December 2019 | News

As one year closes, another opens. As our 2018/19 board says their goodbyes, our 2019/20 board says hello, both offering us some insight into oikos International – where it was, where it is going, what could be improved, and so much more.  Read as we ask these members important questions, discovering more about oikos International. What should/could oikos International do better? Comments from our past board One common theme presented by the past board was oikos International’s communications. For instance, outreach to chapters and new partners could be improved as well as being active in sharing our library of information and resources to the community served and beyond. Another topic mentioned was that oikos International should have better... »