BetterTogether: oikos & Goodwall partner on Free Online Program for Youth

30 July 2020 | News

COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone, but students and young professionals around the world have had it especially hard. The coronavirus crisis has caused internships to plummet by more than half, more than 1 in 6 young people to be out of work, and another 41% to be at risk of losing their jobs. To counter many of the negative consequences of the crisis, oikos has teamed up with Goodwall and other world-renowned institutions to launch BetterTogether. This FREE, 5+-week online program is specifically designed to help young people prepare for the post-COVID-19 world of work. About the BetterTogether Program Taking place between August 1–September 16, BetterTogether is a free online program aimed at helping young people... »

Upcoming oikos events for 2020 – oikos Update

14 July 2020 | News

With the COVID19 pandemic still present and the uncertainties it causes largely affecting any kind of activity planning by the end of the year, oikos International has decided to make major changes and adjustments to the event calendar for the rest of 2020. The changes in place are meant to ensure maximum safety of participants’ health and prevent further spread of the disease, which is also in line with WHO recommendations and measures taken by the respective governments of the countries in which the events were originally meant to take place in. We highly recommend all oikos chapters to follow rules provided by their home countries and to be in touch with their universities to know what are... »

Join the PRME Global Carbon Literacy Training

02 July 2020 | News

In these times when the world as we knew it has undergone instantaneous change, there is no better time to focus on changes that will make the world a better place for all and link the Covid 19 recovery with a transition to a low-carbon economy while addressing social inequalities at the same time.  This Carbon Literacy Training Programme equips you with the information and skills needed to make these high impact changes in your work for example research, teaching or consultancy work in order to reduce carbon emissions along with addressing mutiple other SDGs.  A certificate is given upon full participation and completion of the training.  The four sessions cover:1.Positive Futures Scenarios and Climate Justice2. Climate Science and... »

oikos: Sustainably resilient?

26 June 2020 | News

After several months into the Corona pandemic, it is finally also time for oikos to publish an article on resilience. Or rather: on organizational resilience and from where we take the capacity to thrive in these uncertain times. But what does resilient actually mean? When we take a social-systemic, scientific perspective, we could wrap it up as the ability to withstand shocks, to bounce back into a former state- but also to transform and take a leap (some call it transformative resilience, I call it salience).  What do we see now when we look out of the window after a global crisis has hit our world? One organization after another losing ground, uncovering the state of our economic... »

Reimagining management education: Positive Impact Rating at the PRME Global Forum

19 June 2020 | News

Author: John WattPositive Impact Rating Outreach Manager The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) was featured across several sessions over the past two days at the Virtual PRME Global Forum, contributing to the broader discussion about ways that universities can reimagine their sustainable impact through management education.  Students played a central role in the discussion, with Clementine Robert, oikos International President, leading a session on the global student perspective on the future of education and how to mobilize towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The PIR was highlighted by Clementine as an initiative students take part in locally and internationally. Shivani Ghai, a panelist of the same session, is a student coordinating the PIR at the Graduate School of... »