oikosNewsLEAP Advanced: What should you know if you could not make it to the LEAP Information Call

LEAP Advanced: What should you know if you could not make it to the LEAP Information Call

15 August 2018 | News

On August 13, oikos LEAP project coordinator, coaches and prospective students came together for the LEAP Information Call. oikees had a chance to learn about the program and ask questions about activities and required commitments. But if you could not make it to the call, do not worry, we tried to compile the key takeaways from the call in this article.

Keep in mind that the application deadline for participants who require visa is August 19, 2018. Regular deadline is September 9, 2018. Apply here.

First meet our great LEAP coaches, former LEAP Advanced participants who shared their insights about the program:

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Oikos Vladimir Leuridan

Vladimir Leuridan

LEAP Advanced 2017/2018

Oikos Kathrin Zirn

Kathrin Zirn

LEAP Advanced 2017/2018

Oikos Benoît Pitsaer

Benoît Pitsaer

LEAP Advanced 2017/2018

Review the FAQ. If you have any further questions contact us at leap@oikos-international.org

What is the LEAP Advanced Track?

The LEAP Advanced is the most intensive LEAP t rack. This 9-month long development program
places its attention on participant’s individual journey, and challenges and encourages them to
reflect on their values. The Track includes 2 on-sight meetings, a number of peer-to-peer calls,
one-to-one coaching sessions and webinars with world-renowned leadership experts. The LEAP
Meeting in Leysin will kick of the Advanced Track for the new 2018/2019 class.

Learn more here

What is the LEAP Presidents Track??

The LEAP Presidents Track, as the name suggests, is designed for oikos chapter presidents and
the international Executive Board (NB: a designated representative, can replace a president if
he/she cannot participate). It includes 2 on-sight meetings and 3 webinars. We highly
encourage and recommend every participant to implement lessons learned in LEAP in their
chapters and disseminate knowledge among the chapter members.

Learn more here

What is the LEAP Meeting?

The oikos LEAP Meeting will be a gathering point for over 60 millennials from around the world. The Meeting will bring together representatives of the oikos LEAP Presidents and Advanced Tracks. We will also welcome participants from our partner organizations: rootAbility, National Union of Students UK, REFEDD and Euforia.

How these Tracks merge during the LEAP Meeting 2018?

Almost all LEAP Meeting sessions will be a joint venture where th e LEAP Presidents and
Advanced Track participants will take part together. However, the program includes a few
sessions that will target participants from a specific LEAP Track.

How to apply for the LEAP Meeting 2018?

Presidents Track: ONLY ONE CHAPTER MEMBER can register for the LEAP Meeting as a
Presidents Track participant. Usually, this member is a chapter president, however if she/he
cannot attend the meeting a designated representative is welcome to register. Chapters will
decide who this person should be. NB: Presidents Track Participants can decide to join the
Advanced program before the end of the meeting, they do not need to apply for the Advanced
Track separately. The application form for presidents is here.
Advanced Track: ANY CHAPTER MEMBER can apply for t he LEAP Meeting as an Advanced
participant. oikos International will select participants for this track. For the first time ever, we
encourage alumni to apply as well. The application form for Advanced participants is here.

Are there any fees?

oikos International will cover your internatio nal travel (up to 400 CHF), accommodation and
food for the duration of the Meeting. NB: Please, consider that you will need to purchase your
own travel tickes, oikos will reimburse the amount up to 400 CHF after the Meeting.

What is the oikos FutureLab and is it related to LEAP?

The oikos FutureLab is our annual flagship event to gather the global oikos family of student
members, alumni, advisors, faculty and partners. It is not only a meeting to share perspectives on
the future, but also a “laboratory” to design initiatives and engage the oikos community in
pursuing them.

It is NOT related to LEAP and has very distinct and interesting program on its own. If you want to attend the FutureLab, you will need to apply separately. Find the application here.

Learn more about the FutureLab and its program in 2018 here