oikos Cologne Alumni Meeting 2019: Bringing the past and present together

12 December 2019 | News

In September 2019, oikos Cologne hosted its first Alumni Meeting in twenty years of oikos Cologne history. Today, they share how they achieved the milestone and what bringing together the past and present oikos generations can teach us all. We were lucky that the idea of the meeting was suggested by Kerstin Hötte, former oikos Cologne member, who already had some alumni’s contact details. Her proposal excited us. We were eager to learn who our predecessors were and what was their life after graduation. And it was nice that she was putting effort into the organization and communication so that we mainly had to take care of the logistics.  We started organizing the meeting about two months before the... »

oikos Stories: Insights from one board to the next

10 December 2019 | News

As one year closes, another opens. As our 2018/19 board says their goodbyes, our 2019/20 board says hello, both offering us some insight into oikos International – where it was, where it is going, what could be improved, and so much more.  Read as we ask these members important questions, discovering more about oikos International. What should/could oikos International do better? Comments from our past board One common theme presented by the past board was oikos International’s communications. For instance, outreach to chapters and new partners could be improved as well as being active in sharing our library of information and resources to the community served and beyond. Another topic mentioned was that oikos International should have better... »

Host a carbon Literacy training to tackle the climate crisis and promote climate solutions

02 December 2019 | News

Are you concerned about the climate crisis? Are you concerned about how businesses and societies will be affected by the climate crisis and want to find out ways you could still mitigate the risks? The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges we are currently facing, and it will affect all aspects of business and society and all other areas we might be concerned about such as poverty or loss of biodiversity. Consequently, graduates and employees with the know-how in tackling environmental and social issues to cope with future challenges have a competitive advantage in the job market. You are invited to join the free interactive Carbon Literacy training. Please contact Professor Petra Molthan-Hill *protected email* if you... »

Sustainable Development Goals Trail: oikos and Leysin American School students walk and talk the SDGs

02 December 2019 | News

Some 50 university students from all over the world hiked the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Trail in Leysin, Switzerland, on October 26, 2019. The event was part of the LEAP Meeting 2019, a week-long leadership training that encourages participants to become responsible leaders at the forefront of sustainable development.  The expedition was led by two 9th graders, Antonio and Sean, and their teacher John from the Leysin American School (LAS). The group and two other students from the LAS’s edge program crafted the route and matched the 17 Goals to landmarks across Leysin.  Before leaving the starting point, Hotel Central Residence, Antonio and Sean decided to first head to the LAS Student Council (linked to SDG 16 –... »

About Economizing in Family, City and State: Looking into the life and research of the founding fathers of oikos

26 November 2019 | News

Article “About Economizing in Family, City and State”, written by Prof. Dr. Phil. Andreas Strunk and Julia Köhler, starts with a general introduction to the challenge of integrating sustainability in our institutions and organizations. It further discusses oikos, its structure, and its mission. The authors examine both the founding fathers of oikos and their fundamental arguments in research. Hans-Christoph Binswanger researched the correlation between money and nature, where the environmental factor is oftentimes not recognized appropriately. Hans Ulrich worked on the Management Model of St. Gallen underlining the necessity for a radical shift in mindsets towards sustainability. The article wraps up with the reason for being of oikos and gives some recommendations for the future. Read the whole article... »