The Emerging oikos Structure: Reflections on theory and practice

16 November 2019 | News

What is the matter of changing structures one might ask when hearing about the changes within oikos. To share her perspective on it Hannah, former oikos chapter president, active LEAP coach and Working Group member, decided to write this article. Therefore, she first makes visible what her perspective on the world is. She will mainly reference theory u which describes how social transformations happen and set this in relation to oikos and what might emerge within oikos. Finally, Hannah will conclude by pointing out why we all are needed for this. I want to start with my perspective on the world that is inspired by different people I met in many different ways. What we see is an... »

LEAP Meeting 2019: What is leadership, anyway?

13 November 2019 | News

Crisis in economics, ecology, and society has become a defining feature of our times. These never-ending stream of emerging disasters captures our attention day in and day out. It also attests to our need for effective and transformative leadership. But what is leadership, anyway? And who should lead us? At oikos, we answered these questions through our Leadership Program – LEAP. The program, in its 5th run currently, helps young people discover their true potential and instead of seeking leaders in others, inspires them to garner courage and take the lead in their local communities and universities. Every year, the oikos LEAP Meeting kicks-off the 9-month long leadership training, that urges participants to become responsible leaders at the... »

The power of imagination: Four hours to walk the earth as a refugee

10 November 2019 | News

Fear, rush, bewilderment, stillness, despair, and relief – they felt it all. Our participants at the LEAP Meeting 2019 took part in the Refugee Awareness Game – “Passages” to confront the plight of refugees and reimagine their life. Janina Hoffmann, one of the participants, shares her feelings and thoughts in this blog.  Imagine you need to leave everything behind – all your belongings, the place where you grew up, the culture you love, and above all, the people you love. Where would you go? That’s not even up to you to choose – it is totally unpredictable… …It is foggy, noisy, I barely hear my own voice. I search for my other family members, my brother Peter, my... »

oikos Case Writing Competition 2019: Get to know the winners

07 November 2019 | News

We are proud to announce the winners of the oikos Case Writing Competition. We would like to thank all the participants for their outstanding case submissions and congratulate the winners. The winning cases are published online in our oikos free case collection and are available for faculty members and students interested in organizing a case competition at their local universities. The first prize was awarded to Prof. Madeleine Pullman, Prof. Jacen Greene, Prof. Wanying Shi, and Stephen Kaplan of Portland State University, USA, for the case “B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery: Can Last-Mile Bicycle Delivery Survive The E-Commerce Minefield?”. The second prize went to Chiara De Bernardi, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Milano, Italy, and Prof. Daniel Arenas Vives, ESADE Business School, Spain, for... »

30 seconds with Stephen Snider

04 November 2019 | News

This November, our “30 seconds with…” segment features Stephen Snider. He is a student at Harvard who is currently setting up an oikos Chapter in Boston, USA. Stephen talked about his passion for Sustainable Finance, explained why he decided to start the oikos chapter and discussed his recent oikos experience as an organizer of a join oikos-Harvard e-conference and participant at the LEAP Meeting 2019.  Hi, I’m Stephen! I’m starting oikos Boston! Would you like to join? I was born and raised in Jamaica and moved to the states for college to study Economics and Statistics. I moved to Boston to work in corporate banking but last year, I quit my job to start a Master’s in Development... »