Join the Carbon Literacy Training

19 February 2021 | News

The Carbon Literacy Training was developed by Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK in collaboration with the PRME Champions, the PRME Working Group on Climate Change, oikos International, and the Carbon Literacy Project.  This Programme equips you with the information and skills needed to make high impact changes in your work for example research, teaching or consultancy work in order to reduce carbon emissions along with addressing mutiple other SDGs.  A certificate is given upon full participation and completion of the training.  Led by Professor Petra Molthan-Hill from NBS and facilitators from all over the world, the next training will be offered and facilitated by PRME on four consecutive Wednesdays in February and March, from 11:00 am –... »

oikos HOMEcoming project

15 February 2021 | News

oikos is a student organization with an inspiring story and rich history spanning over three decades. No doubt that, looking at what oikos is today, the ‘original’ oikees from back in 1987 would be proud of what our little organization from St. Gallen has grown into and the community it created in its core. Over the years, thousands of students across multiple continents have been a part of oikos, helped shape it and constantly make it better and better. In that time, the world has undergone many changes, but this collective effort from our community remained a constant and is what makes us all proud to be a part of it. And we think the best way to... »

oikos Curriculum Academy Open Evenings

09 February 2021 | News

During the 3-day oikos International Academy 2021 (February 26 – 28),students and early researchers will work together on the topic of “curriculum change” under the guidance of oikos International. The St.Gallen chapter, which is hosting the Academy this year, will draw onthe findings and organise four open input sessions and discussion rounds for the students of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in the following week – the “Open Evenings”.Open Evenings – GoalsThe sessions focus on generating attention for the topic of sustainability at our university. On the one hand, the concrete goal is to initiate a dialogue among students as well as between students, faculties and the university administration. On the other hand, the long-term aim is to... »

oikos Consultancy opens its doors to our community!

08 February 2021 | News

Help us build a new international network within oikos International! We are oikos Consultancy, a new Thematic Squad. oikos Consultancy is a student-run consulting project of oikos international focused on supporting startups, impact focus businesses and NGOs to accelerate their growth and their impact. Our aim is to support startups, impact focus businesses and NGOs to accelerate their growth and their impact. We are composed of students from around the globe and part of an oikos chapter, united by a passion for sustainability, problem-solving and aiming for a change in our society. We have one simple mission, that is to deliver real impact to our partners we work with. 6 projects are already in track with amazing international... »

oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics translated to German

29 January 2021 | News

We are proud to announce that our oikos guide to pluralist economics is now available in German. The guide introduces readers to the wonderful world of pluralist economics, which envisions an economics where a diverse set of theories and methods are taught to students in the undergraduate education. It is a great tool for self or group study, and is used in an interactive workshop that helps students get into the shoes of different types of economists. The original guide was created by J.Christopher Proctor in his role as the oikos Associate. The German translation was done by Alexander Tesch. See the German version here. You can access the English version of the guide here. The Italian translation is also available here.... »