We LEAP together!

07 April 2016 | News

“Life can be understood only backwards but it must be lived forward”. Some experiences are life changing and defining. They leave a mark on you in way that, you begin to only LEAP thereafter. One such beautiful experience that happened to the 11 willing enthusiats was the oikos LEAP Advanced Mid-term Meeting.   To start with this experience, we all had a choice to take this up or not! And I guess, a YES and then, it all started on 14th March 14.00 hours, in Lille; one of the cool places we all had known. An amazing house filled with hopes awaited the future responsible leaders!   The 2 day intense program designed for the culturally diverse leaders... »

oikos Edmonton – what it really means to support local economies

04 April 2016 | News

“The idea of sustainability is such a broad topic that it can be intimidating to the newcomer. There are many businesses and organizations around Edmonton which hold ideals of sustainability close to their hearts, but for those unfamiliar with the language and the local landscape, it can be hard to tell how to get involved. Our purpose with this speaker series is to introduce students to some of the many sustainability initiatives that are already making waves in our community. It is our hope that the speakers will broaden the students’ concept of what sustainability means, and show them ways that they can begin to engage with the local sustainability community themselves. Thank you Danny Turner for providing us with your insight on local economies, and the impact of consumer choices on... »

Two Organizers of #EntreMind Share Lessons Learnt

01 April 2016 | News

“On March 17th to 20th, oikos Lille has had the pleasure to host the 2016 Spring Meeting. Being part of the organization team, it has been a real challenge for me and probably for all the hosting team. But it remained full of encounters and discoveries. We had a lot of difficulties during the preparation but I am glad to see that all the activities took place and that everyone seemed to enjoy their time in Lille. As a lot of the participants I especially enjoyed the pitch contest. I was a member of the jury and I had great fun discovering projects but also people via little shows and presentations. It showed me that oikos is not only about sharing ideas and promoting... »

Accenture Assists oikos Hamburg to Define their Strategy

28 March 2016 | News

In December oikos Hamburg has won a workshop with the consulting company Accenture Strategy, which is a partner of oikos since a long time. Now on the 15th of March 2016 we – 7 enthusiastic and highly motivated oikees from Hamburg – meet with two consultants at the University of Hamburg in order to learn more about concept and tools for strategy making in the workshop. But we didn’t want to only speak about strategies in general, but also work on a strategy for oikos Hamburg. In the beginning we got to know different methods as well as tools and the consultants explained the possible application options with examples of their daily experiences. In the first concept, called “strategy house”,... »

#EntreMind As Theme of the Spring Meeting 2016

20 March 2016 | News | Entrepreneurship

Wherever the oikos community goes, they bring the sun, even where it almost never shines: Lille. On Thursday March 17th, after an intense Presidents’ Meeting the previous day, oikos members from around the world were welcomed at the EDHEC Business School by the oikos Lille team. The Spring Meeting 2016 kicked off with a very important Legislative Meeting. We elected next Executive Board members, three more Full Chapters and the next oikos President: Levan Pangani. Once finished with the intense Legislative Meeting, members were taken on a small Lille tour and finished an unlimited “Tarte Flamande” meal at a typical restaurant in the city centre. On the second day and first official conference day, Ignace Schops and Francois Tasmowski... »