oikos Featured in UN PRME Student-Driven Organisations

11 March 2016 | News

As partners of PRME, oikos attempts to raise youth voices towards a more responsible management education. Last week we were featured as one of the top student-driven organizations that universities around the world should have to improve their students’ leadership formation. Read the entry here: http://primetime.unprme.org/2016/03/07/global-student-networks-engaged-in-sustainability-in-management-education It is never too late to engage in the oikos journey. Contact us or start a chapter, see how to do so here!... »

Stories From the oikos Winter School 2016

05 March 2016 | News

““How to feed the world?” is a question that we do not give enough attention to the global issues that our generation will bear on our shoulders. After one week participated in 12th oikos Winter School I’ve learnt a lot about the problem through “eye-opening” lectures, interesting workshops, and intensive discussions. It went more exciting with all the speakers so passionate telling their works and problems they are trying to solved. The conference bring people around the world with various backgrounds make me understand the problem in different perspectives. As an Agroindustrial Technology student in University of Brawijaya, Indonesia, I always taught Agriculture plays a key role in the entire life of a given economy such as providing... »

From an oikos initiative to a thriving enterprise

04 March 2016 | News

Students are predictably naive and candid, their outlook guileless and discernible. We as students often dwelled on ideas, which would appear rather impertinent. Our beginnings are difficult to trace as well as easy to recollect. This is because it all began when we began our studies at the School of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. None of us had met, before we joined university. Our ideas and interactions began to take shape as we got to know each other through our work. Our initial interactions were primarily work related, which later began on more social grounds. During these deliberations we began to discuss our outlook all the more analytically. These discussions at times strayed into unfathomable forays. These would... »

Looking back on the oikos Alumni Ski Day

02 March 2016 | News

13 happy oikos alumni went to Flumserberg, Switzerland, on the 6th of February 2016 to enjoy a sunny day in the snow. To our knowledge, it was the first event of this kind as long as any of the (younger) participants could remember. The idea was to add a new kind of alumni happening to the knowledge exchange that already periodically takes place (e.g. oikos Alumni Debates): a trip purely for fun with the aim of creating or reinforcing bonds between oikees of different generations. In this, we seem to have been quite successful: most alumni were at early, yet different stages of their career. Some had stopped being active members years ago, some just recently, one was still... »

Exploring Complexities of Food Security at the oikos Winter School 2016

28 February 2016 | News | Agriculture

On Monday February 22nd, the Winter School team 2016 welcomed 16 participants from various countries to the Winter School on „How to feed the world?“. This first day was almost entirely dedicated to knowing each other and understanding why the topic of food security is so important to any country in the world. After many games and seeing a video that introduces the general idea of the topic, participants learnt more about oikos as an organisation. Participants were also divided into teams of 2, which were named coaching teams, as they would be reflecting on each day of the week with their partner and write down their most inspiring moment of the day on our board. The evening... »