One Member’s Experience in the oikos Economics Learning Circle

23 November 2015 | News | Economics

At the FutureLab 2015 I attended the learning circle Economics, which was coordinated by Moritz Linder. The sessions were about how to get more pluralism in the monotone and mainstream sciences of economics, so that students and professors get another view on how to teach and research on certain issues and matters and start thinking out of the box. In the first session we learned about different movements of pluralism and where we can inform ourselves if we want to get more involved and to start something at our own universities. If you are interested in this topic, please check out following: Peps Èconomie (France), Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomie (German speaking countries), Rethinking Economics (International), JEC group (Argentina) and ISIPE (international). After learning about these, the discussion focused on... »

oikos ANU Organises Climate Change Event #BeTheDrivingForce

20 November 2015 | News | Climate Change, Energy

On November 20th, 2015, 80 participants gathered at the Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya. The morning started off with a warm welcome on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of the Africa Nazarene University read his speech here, followed by Mr. John Kioli, Chair of the KCCWG and Dr. Richard Lesiyampe, from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. The audience could then listen to Kenya’s Progress in addressing Climate Change and its position for the upcoming COP21 in Paris. This was presented by Mr. Stephen Kinguyu from the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Rural Development Authorities. This enthusiastic session was followed by and address by the UNEP’s Mr Waiganjo Njoroge. Mr. Njoroge spoke about the link between... »

Operation Climat is Ready!

17 November 2015 | News | Climate Change

At the beginning of the summer, oikos joined forces with ARTE and others to create a unique video on climate change made by European citizens. The result is a beautiful montage that reflects all the citizens’ dearest spots in all corners of Europe. Opération Climat will become part of the documentary  « Nos chers paradis », which will be shown on ARTE on November 24th, 2015. We are ready to take action at the COP21 all together very soon! See it here (in French): More information: http://info.arte.tv/fr/operation-climat... »

In the Eyes of the FutureLab Team 2015

06 November 2015 | News

Dear oikos Community, The FutureLab experience as an organizer is fundamentally different to the experience as a participant. You don’t talk to the other participants about the speakers, but to the speakers about the participants. You don’t follow the interaction in the discussion as much as the hands people put up to participate in it. Instead of perceiving the ambience at the location, you create it by dimming the lights. When we designed the FutureLab, we wanted to create an inclusive and open atmosphere. We wanted to create a space where everyone could find their role and purpose. We believe that the amazing presentation by the chapter presidents did exactly that. It showed that the FutureLab is really... »

Empowering Young Leaders at the Presidents’ Meeting 2015

31 October 2015 | News

On a warm Friday afternoon, precisely October 23rd 2015, around 40 oikos presidents and representatives arrived at St. Gallen’s train station with bags full of enthusiasm, expectations and the urge to learn. On the other side of the city, the Youth Hostel was ready to welcome them and the conference room has a circle of chairs in its centre where all participants of the Presidents’ Meeting would sit for the introductory session. At exactly 2.40pm, once all participants had registered and check into their rooms, Anita Negri, the President of oikos, took the word to welcome everyone to oikos LEAP, which officially started with the Presidents’ Meeting. Two ice breakers followed. For the first one, presidents had sent... »