Interested in Renewable Energy Finance 2.0? We’d love to hear from you

For investments in renewable energy consumers, electric utilities as well as private and institutional investors use a wide range of financial instruments. In the past few years, innovative models like leasing, power purchase agreements, green bonds, yieldcos and crowdfunding – “renewable energy finance 2.0” – have moved up the agenda in this context. Earlier this week, we invited 22 participants from academia, business, policymaking, NGOs and the media to discuss these instruments during a roundtable in Zurich, Switzerland. The goal of the event was to strengthen the links between theory and practice, to develop an overview on innovative financing models for renewable energy and the existing research thereon as well as to identify knowledge gaps and possible research... »

Debating Food At the oikos Alumni Debates in Zurich

16 October 2015 | News

When you think of oikos, you think about everything sustainability. You think about our passions for multi-culturalism, being entrepreneurial, we love food and constantly staying open minded and debating our ideas. All these elements were present at our oikos Alumni Debates in Zurich on Monday 12 October. The panel consisted of oikos alumni Christian Bartsch, who co-founded Essento, Benjamin Gräub from the FAO in Rome and Richard Kaegi from Globus Switzerland. The room hosted around 45 people and at its side was a long table full of tasty food. The menu? Insects from Essento, of course, and a catering by Äss bar who sell food that would otherwise have been wasted. The wine came from Delinat, the leading retailer for organically produced wine in Switzerland. The... »

Learning about Circulation at the oikos CEE Meeting 2015

06 October 2015 | News | Energy, Waste

On a very warm, windy and pleasant Vienna day, the oikos CEE Meeting 2015 commenced. Participants travelled from more than seven countries to be united in learning more about the concept of Circular Economy and generate a flow of interesting perspectives and ideas to share. On the first day the participants were escorted to the headquarters of Global 2000, a Vienna-based NGO working on sustainability projects. Linnéa Richter, a certified green cosmetics educator, introduced the group to the concept of sustainable cosmetics. First, statistics were introduced such as the fact that, on average, Europeans utilise 10-15 ‘beauty’ products per day. Second, she highlighted that it is difficult for the plastic used to package cosmetics to degrade and be recycled,... »


24 September 2015 | News | Energy

The “Social Innovation to Tackle Fuel Poverty” CHALLENGE (September 1 – October 31 2015) In Europe, 50 to 125 million persons are living in fuel poverty. Our friends at Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation believe that the most leveraged way to enable underprivileged people to have affordable access to energy is to invest in and engage entrepreneurs who create innovations that lead to system-changing solutions. That is why we are looking for the most innovative social entrepreneurs in the fuel poverty field in six European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and UK). The winners will be awarded about 300 hours of mentoring sessions during 3 months to build-up their scaling-up strategies. Furthermore, they will benefit from inspiring meetings within a... »


23 September 2015 | News | Fashion

The Fabric of Change challenge seeks innovations for building a fair and sustainable apparel industry that respects people and planet. Winners will be awarded a total of Euros 100,000 in prizes and all. Finalists will receive a travel stipend to present their solutions to key industry players at the Fabric of Change Summit (dates and location to be announced shortly). The deadline to enter is November 18th, 2015, but projects submitted before October 21st, are eligible for an Early Entry Prize of an additional €1,000.  ‪#‎FabricOfChange‬ More information: https://www.changemakers.com/fabricofchange... »