Democratizing Academic Research Workshop – oikos Curriculum Academy

28 January 2021 | News

oikos Curriculum AcademyOnline Workshop | 14:00 – 16:30 CET Friday, February 26, 2021 This workshop is all about developing ideas on how to democratize academic research on sustainability. We want to open a space for dialogue and cooperation between social movements  and members of academia in order to discuss how different actors’ perspectives can be included in the academic research process. Against the backdrop of multiple environmental, social, and political crises, we want to understand what the democratic turn in academia can  entail and what shape it can take.  We want to build a community at the intersections of activism and academia, that is  committed to challenging the orthodoxy of academic research. This workshop is the starting point... »

International Green Gown Awards 2021 Launch

26 January 2021 | News

The 2021 International Green Gown Awards are Now Open!Inspire and motivate your team, management and students to do more!  The International Green Gown Awards, supported by UN Environment, recognise exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges around the globe. The Awards cover all aspects of educational institutions – from their teaching and research, leadership, buildings and food to how students can benefit the quality of life in the communities around them. The Awards provide the sector with benchmarks for excellence and are respected by Governments, funding councils, senior management, academics and students. There are five categories institutions can apply to: Benefitting Society Creating Impact – NEW for 2021** Next Generation Learning and Skills – NEW for 2021 Student... »

Being B Program: Your life creating positive impact

26 January 2021 | News

One of the partners of the NexGenLead program was We.Flow, an international social enterprise and certified pending B-Corp. The organization serves the evolution of individuals, organizations and systems through mentoring, consulting, impact experiences, education & training in the areas of social innovation & impact, sustainability and conscious leadership development.  We.Flow’s Co-Founder Roberta Domingues supported the NexGenLead program and now she wants to give back to the community! They are launching the Being B Program, an experiential and transformative journey to support you to become the change you wish to see in the world! The program is in English, 100% online, and will happen between April 6th and May 4th. You will learn and practice the five dimensions of... »

Curriculum Change Squad Meeting January 2021

22 January 2021 | News

Join us for the Curriculum Change Squad Zoom Meeting on Friday, January 29 at 5pm CET. This meeting, we will be discussing how to make a student survey for curriculum change. We will also get the input on the surveys by oikos chapter members presenting at the meeting. They will share their experiences with survey and offer insights on the proccess of coming up with and selecting the questions, how they implement it, proccess them and use the results. There will also be space for discussion and exchange, where chapters looking to get involved in curriculum change can get the opportunity to learn from practical examples. Finally we will be discussing the upcoming oikos Curriculum Academy. If you... »

Welcome, oikos Istanbul

11 January 2021 | News

We are dellighted to welcome oikos Istanbul to our oikos family! This is the best possible way to kick off 2021, following the announcement of the another new chapter after oikos Cairo. The new chapter becomes the first one to open in Turkey. We are very excited to have a new chapter open in Europe’s biggest city. oikos Istanbul will join Central-Eastern Europe oikos region. We wish the best of luck to the oikos Istanbul team!... »