oikos Pune Inaugurates Sustainability & Innovation Incubation Center

05 February 2014 | News

In a step forward, oikos Pune chapter established a “Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center” at the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), a school at Symbiosis International University. The Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center, the first center of its kind in India, will help students to research sustainability opportunities in businesses. Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center is formed with an aim to serve and incubate new product/service developments and promote new entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability and Innovation. SIVIC will also assist and mentor the students with networking, knowledge, and technical support. Students will be able to interact with the new entrepreneurs and discover new motivation and influence. Student at the center can gain and learn from... »

2013′s Best Writing and Ringing in the New Year as an Agent for the Press

03 January 2014 | News

Looking back at 2013: What made us what we are today 2013 started with a challenging assignment: Among the many conventional institutions around the world, the World Economic Forum opened up to youth. Our reporters created the first media footprint of young people covering the Open Forum of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland. Even though we were struggling to position our reporting among the WEF’s extensive media coverage, we studied the WEF media team closely, played around with different formats and developed an angle for looking at what we call fringe stories while Davos turned into a car park featuring German luxury cars. Watch for our upcoming coverage in 2014, when we expand our footprint to coverage of... »

Time for a Renaissance in the Business Schools?

06 December 2013 | News | Leadership

Time for a Renaissance in the Business Schools? — Off we go! The alarm rang early in the morning and a special day for me had begun. I packed my laptop, a notebook, and a pen to begin my first experience as a reporter to attend the oikos FutureLab 2013. As a student studying Economics at the University of St. Gallen, I was eager to be part of the process of changing the paradigm of the education system in business schools. In two days, the participants of the Futurelab would be introduced to many concepts about how the current education in Business schools may be better adapted to sustainability. They would also get the chance to engage each... »

Presidents’ Meeting

01 December 2013 | News

37 oikos leaders from all over the world gathered last week for three days in St. Gallen to strengthen the oikos network. What is oikos and what is our mission? How can oikos be more impactful? How can we lead chapters more efficiently? Those questions were answered at the three-day Presidents’ Meeting in St. Gallen, organised by Lenka Parkanova, oikos International President, and Adriana Troxler, oikos Program Manager. The local presidents explored those questions in different workshop sessions and other interactive formats such as role-plays, quizzes and group discussions. Mark Wade, an established expert in change management and sustainability, joined the event as the facilitator. Together with Maria Tödtli, doctoral candidate at the university of St. Gallen, they provided... »

Join the Student Newsroom for “The Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” Campaign (D/E)

30 October 2013 | News

In partnership with Impact Hub Zürich and NZZ Campus, we seek for writers, filmmakers, social media experts and event managers to build a six-month media campaign newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobility in Switzerland” ZURICH, Switzerland – How does a well-resourced, democratic and environmentally conscious country like Switzerland address the “Future of Urban Mobility”? Its increasingly entrepreneurial culture and cutting-edge research institutions produce smart electric  solutions and research on green logistics and responsible mobility customer insights, to name a few. In a 6-month-long campaign, our Campaign Newsroom will cover local stories like these, as well as analysis of European mobility trends in Switzerland and portraits of influential individuals and changemakers, create an engaged community with social media, and organize public events in this space. All over Switzerland, these Student... »