oikos at the ‘Hochschultage: Ökosoziale Marktwirtschaft & Nachhaltigkeit’​ 2015

08 July 2015 | News

On the 3rd and 4th of July 2015, oikos was invited to attend the international conference “Sustainable Environmental Politics and Economy” (translated) in Berlin organized by the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), the Free University of Berlin and the Hochschultage ÖkosozialeMarktwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit . The conference brought together young researchers from various disciplines to present and discuss their research related to sustainability, the environment, climate and energy policies, politics, the economy and governance. The PhD Conference was held in connection with the annual meeting of the University Day for Eco-Social Markets and Sustainability (which is run by the Club of Rome), the PhD-Network for sustainable economy (DNW), the Global Marshall Plan Foundation, and Green Budget Germany (FÖS). The participants of the... »

Interview with Ona – Winner of the oikos Case Writing Competition in the Social Entrepreneurship Track

07 July 2015 | News | Entrepreneurship

Onajomo Akemu is the winner of the first prize in the social entrepreneurship track of the 12th annual oikos Case Writing Competition, he is also a PhD Candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. How would you describe yourself as a person? What are your passions? First, I am curious about intellectual history and the world around me, particularly about social and economic arrangements. I am fascinated by questions like, “Why are some countries poor while others are wealthy?” “How do countries escape poverty and how do societies fail?” and “How are ideas generated and what gives them staying power often in the face of evidence to the contrary?” Second, I enjoy observing and reflecting on organisational life... »

oikos Members Pursue International Impact

On June 21st, 2015, three oikos members traveled to New York City with a bag full of aspirations and enthousiasm. Anita Negri, Julia Weber (oikos Vienna, COMMIT Manager) and Nikolay Ivanov (oikos Copenhagen, CBS PRME), first attended the GRLI Annual Meeting (June 21st and 22nd). On the first day of the GRLI AGM, the oikos team met with Chris Taylor, the so-called, mentor of COMMIT. Chris has been involved in GRLI for a long time and is the key link in the cooperation between oikos and GRLI for COMMIT. He is also a a consultant at the Oasis School. This meeting served to revise and complete last-minute details for the workshop that the team would host on the second day... »

Will You Buy my Sustainable Finance Research?

06 July 2015 | News | Finance

The oikos PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy in Reading, UK, May 31 to June 4, 2015 In the past decade, corporate fraud, bank scandals and financial crises have taken their toll on society’s trust in the global financial system. The recent events have established the need for substantial changes in the way we think and act in order to create a more sustainable and long-term oriented business environment that ultimately benefits us all. Such advancements can be driven by incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into the investing and decision-making process of individuals as well as institutions. In order to convince these individuals and institutions of the benefits of sustainable finance, we need to sell our research in... »

Publication of oikos Case Writing Competition finalists – 6 new free cases available

01 July 2015 | News

We just published the finalist cases of this year’s oikos Case Writing Competition! Whether you are a lecturer teaching courses in management, entrepreneurship or finance, or a student wanting to explore current sustainability challenges in your studies – these cases will provide fresh input to your classroom experience! This year’s prize winners explore sustainability issues at, among others, a microbrewery, a startup smartphone company and a World Bank subsidiary. Out of 11 finalists, a record of 6 cases are now available for free as part of our oikos Free Case Collection. Inspection copies of 5 cases are available for download, out of which 4 can be purchased at the Case Centre very soon. Please find the links to... »