Reforming the Business School, a Pure Product of American Culture

10 July 2013 | News

The fact that higher education, especially business education, is in need of a reform is no new news. However, the role of humanities in such reform has been gaining momentum in the US, mostly in reaction to a recently published report by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, a sort of “humanities rescue plan”. More... »

Humanities in Business Education: Who’s Getting a Move on Here?

09 July 2013 | News

Published in 2011, the second Carnegie Report evoked numerous debates among business scholars. According to the report, business schools are in need of a makeover, specifically to incorporate more humanities and social sciences. Alongside US-based Carnegie Foundation and Aspen Institute, teachers at University of St. Gallen, Barcelona’s ESADE Business School and Copenhagen Business School are trying to move the report’s agenda forward. …»... »

Apply for the oikos Warsaw PhD seminar

30 June 2013 | News

The oikos PhD Seminar is a 2-day event by oikos Warsaw dedicated to “Energy and Environmental Economics”. It provides a platform to present ongoing PhD research, get feedback from fellow PhD students as well as faculty, and to promote links on the topic among PhD students from various countries.  Selected contributions will be considered for publishing. The project will take place from 12-13 September 2013 in Warsaw. More... »

Become a Student Reporter at the World Resources Forum 2013 in Davos, Switzerland

19 May 2013 | News

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oikos enters Canada

01 May 2013 | News

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