New oikos chapter: Alexandria

18 November 2020 | News

We are delighted to announce that a new chapter of oikos International is now open at Alexandria, Egypt. It is a historic moment as it is the first ever oikos chapter in Egypt. We give the warmest of welcomes to oikees from Alexandria into our oikos Family!... »

Three sustainable business case studies that will change your curricula! – Announcing the Case Writing Competition winners

09 November 2020 | News

The oikos 2020 Case Writing Competition encourages the writing of high-quality cases on sustainability topics that can stimulate innovative teaching and learning experiences. The Competition was launched back in 2003 and since then aims at giving students the possibility to approach their faculty to start embedding sustainability into curricula through the use of case studies. The case studies are meant as tools to encourage innovative teaching & learning mechanisms and to include sustainability into curricula.  The third prize went to Dr Sonal Purohit, Chandigarh University, India for her case study Transaction to Trust: Sustainable Business in Gift Economy. The case study introduces the business model of a café built on the concept of the gift economy. This community-based... »

Real Estate serving the local community, environment and economy – Sébastien De Hulster: oikos Alumni Impact

19 October 2020 | News

Welcome to the Alumni Impact. The new segment aims to strenghten the connection between the active and alumni oikos members through inspiring stories showcasing the work and impact of oikos Alumni in the world of sustainability. In this first edition we feature Sébastien De Hulster and his inspiring story! Bellevilles is a personal accomplishment, but above all it’s an incredible collective adventure that is just starting! I was one of the co-founders of the oikos Paris chapter in 2000 which I was excited to be a part of as a non-profit. I was aware of sustainability challenges at the time, but hadn’t yet realized the power of sustainable development. 20 years later, here I am: I created Bellevilles... »

Students Call for Better Economics and Management Education: Kate Raworth in Conversation with Students

15 October 2020 | News

Wednesday, 21 October 20208:00 – 9:30 PST / 11:00 – 12:30 EST / 16.00 – 17:30 GMT / 17.00 – 18:30 CESTPlease RSVP here: https://forms.gle/3zj6BD7EVQbrSfJYA P4NE Background note Students are intensifying their calls for reform of economics and business school education, while seeking university leadership that values their future. COVID-19 has laid bare the fault lines of orthodox economic theory and the risks of relying on traditional management theories and practises. Mainstream economics has failed to answer questions about or provide realistic solutions to rising inequality, increasing environmental breakdown, or our recurring economic crises, much less provide a realistic pathway to a fair, prosperous and regenerative future. For students, this has amplified their demands for a more diverse... »

Defining Sustainability: oikos’ understanding of sustainability & sustainable development

14 October 2020 | News

What does sustainability mean? Why and how do we act and inspire towards sustainability as an organization? How do we make sure that the change we make is sustainable as such? Many questions – here we outline some answers that manifest our standpoint from a scientific perspective. Climate change, drastic biodiversity decline, poverty, inequality, mass migration: these are only some examples of the sustainability challenge our world is facing at the moment. To move ahead on the path towards sustainability, we all have to act together and will have to rethink the ways we think, create and interact as a society. For oikos and many others, economics and management are two fields at the core of the needed transformation-... »