Apply: Become a Student Reporter at the International Business Forum 2013 in Istanbul

20 September 2013 | News

Join us as we report on the upcoming International Business Forum (IBF), taking place in Istanbul, 23-24 October, 2013. Project Highlights *Focus on regional business innovation in context of global development challenges. *Onsite program dates are 21-26 October. *Full coverage of onsite costs (food, accommodation, conference fees), and travel reimbursement up to 200 EUR. *Submit until 5 October: CV, pitches, and application form. We are training and sending a team of selected reporters to report on this year’s theme of ”Green and Inclusive Business Solutions for Development”. The Forum is organized by a consortium of German and multilateral development institutions with an interest on the politics of private sector development to impact sustainable economic development and poverty reduction. With an aim to bring... »

Why Social Entrepreneurship Aid is Putting Asia on the Shelf

05 August 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Why hasn’t impact investing taken off in China & Southeast Asia? An analysis of key cultural, demographic and perceptual factors could explain why North American and European firms are hesitant to enter the industry. …»... »

oikos Turns Water Pollutants into Compost

04 August 2013 | News | Resources, Waste

We are thrilled to introduce the first project of our newly established oikos chapter in Pune. The i-GREEN initiative, which aims to clean rivers in the region, has already brought positive outcomes. People of Hindu religion worship the God by giving flowers as a gesture of offering the purest in mankind. They are busy and engrossed in their daily routine to give a thought to “What after the flowers are offered? What happens to these flowers once they dry off?”; The fact is, it finds its place either in a garbage bin or in a local water body/ river. Today, there are roughly 108,000 temples in India and the number keeps increasing day by day. In a city... »

oikos Launches Call for Cases 2014

30 July 2013 | News

oikos launches the call for cases for its annual Case Writing Competition 2014 together with Ashoka. The competition promotes the creation of high quality teaching cases on Corporate Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship and welcomes entries from all parts of the world. Submitted case studies should be suitable for use in management education and should be related to managerial issues faced by organisations and individuals. Written feedbacks are given to each case contributor. For further information please refer to the call for cases and our Cases Programme. The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 11th, 2013.... »

MBAs to meet the challenge of sustainability

29 July 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Financial Times, 29 July 2013 – On the northern outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia is a small, private school with an entrepreneurial sideline. Each day from a classroom on campus the school runs a pizzeria and ice cream shop. The money raised is donated to a local grassroots organisation that helps children from six to 16 to remain at school by offering programmes that focus on language, communication and study skills. Read the full article on FT.com... »