The Spring Meeting 2015 as it happened

08 April 2015 | News

There we are – London. The place of  the Beatles, Big Ben, a gherking shaped building and driving on the other side of the road. Mission: The oikos Spring Meeting 2015. The Meeting kicked-off with a warm welcome where all the participants were given lovely handwritten name tags and motivating words were expressed by the organizing team. First off, oikos Chapter Presidents attended president meetings to brainstorm and exchange their knowledge and experiences. The president meetings were followed by a trip to the Siemens Crystal. oikees from all over the world experienced London’s Docklands under a magnificent sun and walked into the Crystal full of curiosity. Upon entering the shiny crystal-shaped building, participants were inspired by an exhibition on... »

We are Interested in Your Experience

17 March 2015 | News | Management

oikos has launched a new initiative on management education called COMMIT. We believe that to face the challenges of the modern world, business must become more conscious, more responsible, and more pro-active in addressing social and environmental issues. To facilitate this, business schools should develop value-driven future decision makers that are committed to change, understand the importance of collaboration and work well with complexity and uncertainty. To get an idea what really is needed in today’s business world we wish to hear your opinion and experience. Please share these with us by filling out the following surveys: Survey for current business school students For Graduates For Employers of Graduates... »

The Entrepreneurship Academy 2015 in the Eyes of a Participant

11 February 2015 | News

Written by Davis Plotnieks, University of Latvia If in the business world the devil is in the details, then in the academic world the devil hides in diversity. The oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy was an excellent place to meet knowledge-thirsty counterparts from Australia, China, Germany, India, the United States and other not less great parts of the world to advance academic research and benefit from presenting and discussing own ideas and work. It’s a unique platform for PhD candidates, post-docs and young faculty in early stages of their careers. I’m still inspired by the wealth of ideas, fruitful discussions and new learning methods that is something what many academic institutions could learn about from oikos when creating their study... »

Happy 2015!

05 January 2015 | News

“We wish you all a very happy 2015! We look forward to a year filled with inspiring initiates. As stewards, we wish to support you in achieving your goals and accomplish our common mission: implementing change in the field of sustainable economics and management. We aim at investing our energies to empower students and faculty around the world to realize the change they seek and become responsible leaders for the present and future. Let’s rock it together in 2015!” – oikos International Executive Board 2015 “I wish 2015 to be a more sustainable year than last one. And we are the part of these changes and innovations. We are the future and 2015 is just one more stage towards... »

Interview with Liudmila Chambers

05 December 2014 | News

Former oikos PhD Fellow, Liudmila Chambers, has won the Best Management Thesis Award 2014 from the University of St. Gallen. The oikos Newsteam has interviewed her to celebrate her achievement and discuss her learnings.  How would you describe yourself as a person? What are your drives and passions?  It is probably not surprising that the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking how to describe myself is my strong belief that the nature is too beautiful and people are too valuable to destroy them with irresponsible businesses practices. I truly believe that an alternative approach to business is possible and that it is our responsibility to find it. So I would describe myself as an engaged researcher... »