Climatologue: The Great Himalaya Trail – My Climate Initiative

05 June 2014 | News

5th of June is the World Environmental Day and we are pleased to announce the online release of Climatologue: The Great Himalaya Trail – My Climate Initiative. This Climatologue is a product of  “The Great Himalaya Trail – My Climate Initiative” in Nepal. It is a summary of interviews with the local people, a collection of their stories, and anecdotes of their perceptions of climate variability and change. It is also an account of what Paribesh Pradhan observed as a traveler passing from one hamlet to another, making his way through the deepest gorges and highest ridges of the Himalayas. More info here... »

Faculty from Concordia University, Mc Gill University and Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Win oikos Case Writing Competition 2014

11th edition of the annual oikos Case Writing Competition awards leading teaching cases on sustainability in management and entrepreneurship St. Gallen, 26th May 2014 – oikos, the international student-driven organization for sustainable management and economics, announced the winners of its annual oikos Case Writing Competition. The first prize in the corporate sustainability track is awarded to Professor Dietmar Sternad from Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria) for his case “Organic Growth at Sonnentor“. In the Social Entrepreneurship track, the first prize goes to Raymond Paquin from Concordia University (Canada), as well as Dror Etzion, James Povitz and Benjamin Gruber at McGill University (Canada) for their case entitled “Communauto: A Big Idea for a Big Market“. The annual oikos Case... »

Social Entrepreneurs Worry Big Banks Could Ruin Benefits of Responsible Investing

25 March 2014 | News | Finance

Without any need for introduction, people knew who these men were. They were well-dressed, well-connected and accomplished, and they had far more than a few billion dollars behind them, an amount representing the resources of some of the world’s largest financial institutions. When these big banks decided to become involved in impact investing, they brought recognition, credibility and scale to an industry that had previously been niche. “These smaller actors were pioneers, but we as bigger actors can be very complementary because we can bring a larger scale,” says Emmanuel de Lutzel, vice president of social business at BNP Paribas. “When I talk to customers, they say, ‘Oh, that’s very good that BNP Paribas is willing to enter... »

Be a Student Reporter for Coverage on “Organic Solutions in Global Food Affairs”

26 February 2014 | News

Today, complex problems like the food crisis is not just an environmental issue, but concerns business, politics and economics as well. Through journalistic content and a multidisciplinary angle, we want to report on the economics and politics of global food production and consumption, with a focus on organic solutions. You’ll be joining a global team of 10 student reporters to be led by two editors: Jori Lewis, an award-winning journalist currently based in Senegal and specializing in environment, agriculture and global development, and Athena Tacet, a Montreal-based data journalist and reporter specializing in foreign affairs, social, political, economic, and human rights issues. They’ll push you outside your “academic comfort zone” through teaching basics of journalism and helping you research and produce... »

oikos Pune Inaugurates Sustainability & Innovation Incubation Center

05 February 2014 | News

In a step forward, oikos Pune chapter established a “Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center” at the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), a school at Symbiosis International University. The Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center, the first center of its kind in India, will help students to research sustainability opportunities in businesses. Sustainability and Innovation Incubation Center is formed with an aim to serve and incubate new product/service developments and promote new entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability and Innovation. SIVIC will also assist and mentor the students with networking, knowledge, and technical support. Students will be able to interact with the new entrepreneurs and discover new motivation and influence. Student at the center can gain and learn from... »