oikos Launches Call for Cases 2014

30 July 2013 | News

oikos launches the call for cases for its annual Case Writing Competition 2014 together with Ashoka. The competition promotes the creation of high quality teaching cases on Corporate Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship and welcomes entries from all parts of the world. Submitted case studies should be suitable for use in management education and should be related to managerial issues faced by organisations and individuals. Written feedbacks are given to each case contributor. For further information please refer to the call for cases and our Cases Programme. The deadline for submissions is Monday, November 11th, 2013.... »

MBAs to meet the challenge of sustainability

29 July 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Financial Times, 29 July 2013 – On the northern outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia is a small, private school with an entrepreneurial sideline. Each day from a classroom on campus the school runs a pizzeria and ice cream shop. The money raised is donated to a local grassroots organisation that helps children from six to 16 to remain at school by offering programmes that focus on language, communication and study skills. Read the full article on FT.com... »

Rethinking The Economic System

19 July 2013 | News | Economics, Finance, Growth

Does additional growth in the industrialised countries trigger increasing happiness? What societal and environmental impact results of our constant pursuit of growth? Is share economy just a fashionable trend or could it lead to more sustainable society? These and other intriguing questions have resonated in oikos Leipzig. The academic year 2012/2013 is slowly coming to its end and oikos Leipzig could look back at some fruitful and inspirational events. Besides the regular movie nights, reading circles and talks on sustainability issues, Leipzig organised two major events, the two-day de-growth conference in fall 2012 and three “action weeks” on share economy in May and June this year. The conference titled “Values, prosperity, well-being – (How) do we want to grow?” was held... »

Reforming the Business School, a Pure Product of American Culture

10 July 2013 | News

The fact that higher education, especially business education, is in need of a reform is no new news. However, the role of humanities in such reform has been gaining momentum in the US, mostly in reaction to a recently published report by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, a sort of “humanities rescue plan”. More... »

Humanities in Business Education: Who’s Getting a Move on Here?

09 July 2013 | News

Published in 2011, the second Carnegie Report evoked numerous debates among business scholars. According to the report, business schools are in need of a makeover, specifically to incorporate more humanities and social sciences. Alongside US-based Carnegie Foundation and Aspen Institute, teachers at University of St. Gallen, Barcelona’s ESADE Business School and Copenhagen Business School are trying to move the report’s agenda forward. …»... »