Reflecting on Hybrid Ventures in the Swiss Alps

01 October 2013 | News

By Guillermo Casasnovas, PhD Candidate, University of Oxford and Bogdan Prokopovych, Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island. Hybrid ventures are organizations that combine conflicting goals and missions, adopt contradictory practices, and are often guided by incongruous values. Hybrids are all around us.  They are micro-finance organizations that promote economic development of underserved communities, public universities that seek to commercialize science, or staffing agencies hiring people with disabilities.  These organizations bridge two worlds by combining logics of family and commerce, economic development and market, profession and business. During the last week of August 2013, the oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy brought together 12 young scholars who study hybrid organizations in the picturesque village of Filzbach in the Swiss Alps.  Most of us landed... »

The Case for Cases on “Sustainable Finance”

23 September 2013 | News

oikos adds “Sustainable Finance” track to its annual Case Writing Competition. Finance plays a critical role in today’s economy and society as a whole. Development of savings, capital allocation via equity, bonds and commodity markets, as well as decisions to provide loans to firms, have a significant impact on businesses and individuals. Methodologies to evaluate firms, approaches to corporate reporting, and concepts in financial theory are key factors in economic decision-making. And views on the role of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are at the heart of long-term economic, social and environmental developments. The education programs in finance that prepare students on these topics are key factors in that context. They don’t only provide insights into... »

How are casinos striving to be more eco-friendly

23 September 2013 | News

One of the most exciting things that you can do when going out is to visit a casino as they are not only filled with great games for gamblers to enjoy, but they also have restaurants and clubs inside of them to keep everybody happy for the whole night. There are whole city is devoted to casinos such as Las Vegas and Macau but with such amazing spectacles, it comes a price, and that price is the environment. With so much electricity being used by these huge casinos it’s no wonder that some people getting worried about them in terms of the environment around them. This is one problem that an online casino does not have as they... »

Apply: Become a Student Reporter at the International Business Forum 2013 in Istanbul

20 September 2013 | News

Join us as we report on the upcoming International Business Forum (IBF), taking place in Istanbul, 23-24 October, 2013. Project Highlights *Focus on regional business innovation in context of global development challenges. *Onsite program dates are 21-26 October. *Full coverage of onsite costs (food, accommodation, conference fees), and travel reimbursement up to 200 EUR. *Submit until 5 October: CV, pitches, and application form. We are training and sending a team of selected reporters to report on this year’s theme of ”Green and Inclusive Business Solutions for Development”. The Forum is organized by a consortium of German and multilateral development institutions with an interest on the politics of private sector development to impact sustainable economic development and poverty reduction. With an aim to bring... »

Why Social Entrepreneurship Aid is Putting Asia on the Shelf

05 August 2013 | Editor's Pick, News

Why hasn’t impact investing taken off in China & Southeast Asia? An analysis of key cultural, demographic and perceptual factors could explain why North American and European firms are hesitant to enter the industry. …»... »