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oikos Newsletter March 2018

It’s Spring fever at oikos! We had a very fruitful month, that lifted our spirits and inspired many of us to lead change towards sustainability.

We also have some news to break: Clémentine Robert, oikos Reims’ alumna, former oikos EB and current oikos Outreach Manager, was elected as oikos President 2019&2020 with the majority of votes during the Spring Meeting 2018. She will officially take office in October 2018.

In addition, we have published the oikos Annual Report 2017, where you can find all the information about the preceding year in our community: our programs, chapters, and the team.

In this edition of our newsletter, read about the oikos Spring Meeting and oikos LEAP President Track Meeting, that gathered oikees from around the world in Barcelona, Spain to discuss, debate and reflect on oikos experience and sustainability. In addition, find out about our 11th Winter School on Sustainable Development Cooperation held in Witten, Germany and learn about the LEAP webinar on Values that was open for oikos LEAP Advanced participants.

Read about the oikos Asia Meet, that took place in Jamshedpur, India with an aim to foster sustainable mindset among future leaders and follow oikos Outreach Manager, Clémentine Robert’s journey in India, that she undertook as part of the Knowledge Exchange Expedition.

In the alumni part of the newsletter meet Shad Tebay, our alumna from oikos Edmonton and learn about the upcoming alumni gathering in Berlin, Germany.

In the “30 seconds with…” segment meet Camila Carrascal, President of oikos Barcelona and one of the head organizers of the oikos Spring Meeting 2018 in Barcelona.

Enjoy the March edition of our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay updated!

Happy Reading!

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