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oikos Newsletter March 2015

Spring is officially here or so the calendar says. In reality we may be a little far away from seeing blooming cherry blossoms. Some of you haven’t still packed away the warm clothes while others are wondering where spring is. Whether it’s the flurries in Northen hemisphere or rains in Sourthern hemisphere, the weather seems to have lost it’s season remote. Jokes apart, these sudden weather changes have an impact on us which is so much more than deciding whether to pack your warm clothes – something to resonate on.
Whilst the just departed Solar Impulse proves that a solar-powered airplane can fly day and night without fuel, in oikos we are also kicking off exciting projects. March will see the execution of the Spring Meeting and the Sustainable University Day in St St. Gallen. Post that, in April, the Asia Meet will happen in India, therefore, do not forget to register for it before registrations close!
Jumping a bit ahead of the timescale, the dates for the Presidents’ Meeting and the FutureLab have been confirmed! See the side bar to save the dates and get involved in a Learning Circle in order not to miss out on anything. This month is also the last chance to apply for the oikos PhD Fellowship and we have featured Carla from the Winter School 2015 team writing about her learning journey in the organisation of a succesful Winter School 2015.

Happy reading here!