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LEAP Life Track

The LEAP Life track had informally started at the end of the first LEAP Advanced cohort in 2016, through all the Alumni that continuously remain engaged, continuing their personal development journey and learning more

With the help of Alumni, this year we have finally made it into a formal LEAP Track with the vision of continuing our development journey, fostering a new sense of ongoing learning, courageous practice and co-generation, in a community of diverse change agents.

The participants of Life track lead this vision. They have created following activities as ways of continuing interacting and learning with one another:

Input Talks

Input Talks - bi-monthly calls for learning more about coaching. We have brought in different speakers to talk about different topics such as GROW Model, Internal Family Systems, or Basics about coaching.

Peer-to-peer Groups

in a smaller group where participants have the opportunity to exchange on topics important to the group.  The main idea is for the participants to define the conversations they want to have.

Brave Spaces

a space for honest exchanges and sharing among participants, on a bi-monthly basis, on topics that require a greater amount of courage and bravery to talk about. It allow participants to learn together and practice conversation that matters, with the ultimate goal of leaving the sessions inspired and motivated.

Micro LEAP

we want to provide participants the ability to replicate the Track’s impact themselves to others, beyond oikos. Therefore, some of the participants are currently bringing the LEAP exercises to their chapters, work, families, and flatmates. 

During the track, the participants also have a one-to-one coach to support their personal development.

There are currently about 30 active participants, including three professional coaches who further enrich conversations with their experiences.