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oikos Academy.

oikos Academy is transforming education for a sustainable future.

oikos Academy is a program that aims to make higher education future ready, learner-driven and regenarative. It does so through enabling students to take ownerhip of their education. The Academy supports student groups from different parts of the world challenging the status-quo at their universities and invite their respective decision makers to a collective learning space, that leads to transformative outcomes, new commitments and next steps.

oikos Academy is working to transform Higher Education Institutions into spaces for collaboration & participative learning and research paving the way for sustainable transformation.

What is new for oikos Academy 2024?

oikos Academy x LEAP Researchers

Learner driven

Onsite hosting

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oikos Academy

The change projects will be represented internationally


oikos Academy 2024

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oikos Academy 2024

what is oikos Academy?

The oikos Academy is a dynamic six-month program designed as:

– A transformative change lab where students from oikos chapters collaboratively develop innovative solutions to tackle sustainability challenges in higher education.

– An interactive hybrid event that takes place in the Fall, providing a platform for learning and knowledge-sharing in areas such as leadership, change management, sustainability practices and new economic paradigms.

– An initiative offering personalized coaching to registered oikos chapters, aimed at supporting their sustainability projects within their respective universities.”

Why is oikos Academy needed?

Our current educational system is at a crossroads, to transform it into a driving force for a more sustainable future. The complexities of sustainability challenges demand a shift away from traditional mono-disciplinary approaches. Higher education plays a critical role in preparing the next generation of leaders shaping our society and economy. Students need to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, and to achieve that goal, they need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to drive positive change and advance sustainability. As we all know, nothing worth creating is built in a vacuum,so collaboration and co-creation among faculty, research and students is required to navigate through the complexity of the existing frameworks, find actionable solutions, and take the entire learning process to the next level.

Academy has been an opportunity for PhD students to work together on their papers in fields related to sustainability. They were meeting for a whole week, usually in Switzerland, together with 3 faculty members of renowned universities. The PhD students (usually a diverse field through scholarships for students from developing countries) proceeded with their work and gave presentations to receive feedback from the other students and the faculty members. One participant had the opportunity to get a scholarship for further research. The oikos Academy was hosted by the oikos Foundation and The Graduate Institute Geneva.