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oikos CAMP

oikos CAMP is a week-long change lab where students & allies from all over the world gather to leverage their change initiatives, supporting a wider transition towards sustainability. We provide teams with a physical site to meet in a truly collaborative & co-creative environment that makes space for learning and exploring together. The week is filled with creative workshops & time for project acceleration, all facilitated by our trained coaches. For many teams, the transformation of their education is at the core of their work, many of them zooming into economics & business education.

Do you remember the feeling of setting up your tent on a campsite? Asking your neighbours for the utensils you forgot back home & learning about new ones as you get wrapped into a conversation? There are few things that fuel us more than a night around the bonfire, exchanging old stories with strangers that turn into friends, & writing new memories to the sound of a guitar in the backdrop. At oikos, we believe that those are the spaces we need to live more sustainably and leverage the impact of our work.
Join us around the co-creative bonfire of oikos CAMP with your team!

How does a more sustainable world look & feel?
What can we learn in the process of creating it?

oikos CAMP

6-10 teams with 25-50 participants
30th July – 6th August 2023
Vidália, Catalunya, Spain

Reach out to join with your project or contribute with a donation!

CAMP 2023

Moving into a third edition with creativity & a diversity of projects

Adapt to past tense: CAMP 2023 was hosted at the Catalan ecovillage Vidàlia (close to Barcelona) from 30.07 – 06.08.23.

We invited participants from across the globe with 3 diverse projects. This edition, we strived to draw further synergies between oikos initiatives & external partners. The event was organized & facilitated by oikos’ Transforming Education team.


Stories of collective change & community
he oikos CAMP was a vision that first rendered reality in 2021. After a great first edition in Italy, we further developed the concept & hosted the second season in Spain. Both change labs have been attended by students & partners from across the world & across disciplines, a tradition we would like to strengthen. Read more about Camp ‘21 & ‘22 in our recaps.











What participant's said about oikos CAMP

The story of the sustainable finance toolkit

The power of CAMP is helping teams advance their projects with increased impact & through mutual support. Here is one example:

At CAMP’21, the Sustainable Finance Squad, a group of students from 6 different countries, created a toolkit with resources & training. During ’22 the project spread further & included interviews with Sus. Fin. practitioners & academics.

What started as a small group of students wanting to help others learn, is now a network of practitioners, professors, & student-leaders gathering around the topic. oikos CAMP enabled this project to spread further in our community and beyond while receiving critical feedforward and developing connections.

Learn more about the Sustainable Finance Toolkit here!

The Role of Partnerships

Moving forward together, beyond sustainability.

CAMP is marked by the proactive involvement of academia & business partners. We envision opening CAMP to both collaborative projects between students & partners & will save some spots for partner initiatives as well. We are very grateful for any contribution beyond active participation.