Your oikos journey doesn’t have to end with graduation! You can become a part of our worldwide Alumni network which allows you to stay a part of the oikos Community and connect, exchange and share experience with other oikos Members and Alumni. As an Alumni you can take part in oikos projects and events, learn and teach about sustainability and take the various sustainability opportunities oikos provides.

oikos Alumni are active across the world in business, government, NGOs and academia. Their common history and interest in sustainability provides a bond that lasts long beyond their university years. It also offers a platform to engage in joint initiatives. And it allows our student members to tap into an amazing pool of knowledge and passion for sustainability and oikos projects around the globe.

On this page you can find all the information about how join the network and take a look at what being a part of it offers to you!

To understand the network better and to learn how to get involved, read the oikos Alumni Kit!

Alumni Debates is a platform to bring these generations together to discuss topics that they are passionate about.

Each month, one of our oikos alumni shares their fascinating journey. From the first time they recognized the need for more sustainability in their degree to their motivation to join oikos.

oikos Alumni Impact is an upcoming section which will feature oikos Alumni who have taken to sustainable entrpreneurship and work in the field in sustainability and are now the leaders of change.

Many oikos projects are open for Alumni participants. Along with that, there are also projects directed specifically for the Alumni Community. Explore the upcoming events you can join here!

Take a more active role in the oikos Community by joining the Alumni Working Group!