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Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship – The oikos Collection Vol. 4 published

At oikos we are happy to present the fourth volume of the oikos Case Collection “Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship – The oikos Collection Vol. 4″, published with Greenleaf and edited by Michael Pirson. The book is available as e-book and hardback at Greenleaf and major online retailers. For publishers and researchers it is possible to order review and inspection copies.


This fourth collection of case studies is an essential resource for professors that wish to help students learn about the promise and pitfalls of social enterprise. The book contains the winning cases in the social entrepreneurship track of the oikos Case Writing Competition of the years 2010 to 2014 , supported by comprehensive teaching notes available to faculty. The cases are clustered in three sections: 1) socially oriented enterprise cases, health and fair trade, 2) ecologically oriented social enterprises, and 3) corporate social entrepreneurship case studies. The oikos Case Writing Competition was conceived in 2003 as a way to develop excellent teaching material on sustainability issues from around the globe.


Professors and students interested in case studies on corporate sustainability strategy, are invited to have a look at our third volume of the oikos Case Collection: “Case Studies in Sustainability Management”, edited by our oikos PhD Fellow Jordi Vives, is also available on the Greenleaf website. This collection is based on the winning cases in the corporate sustainability track of the case competition from 2010 to 2013. The topics addressed are 1) large corporations and corporate sustainability dilemmas, 2) managing stakeholder relations and 3) sustainability as a source of differentiation strategies.


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